Saturday, August 13, 2005

Why? Oh Why?

Most Tattooed Woman Isobel Varley

Why? Oh Why, do young girls want to destroy their bodies with tattoos? In a restaurant today there was a Mother (forty-ish) and a daughter (maybe 20)and the new grand-baby (newborn) in the booth in front of me. Both ladies had on very skimpy outfits. Cropped Tank tops, short shorts hanging low on hips and thongs. Both had every inch of skin covered in tattoos. Not petite girlie butterflies and flowers but, a skull and cross bones, snakes and demons and large ugly monsters in a variety of red, green and blue. They would have both been very attractive and made a lovely family picture if not for the tattoos. I had to wonder how long before they find a way to cover that adorable baby with all that horrible artwork.

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