Friday, September 16, 2005

What is it with Guys?

What is it about Guys and the assortment of small items that always collect in your pockets? Why do you carry them and how do you keep from loosing them? Besides money and keys, what unusual items do you routinely carry and why would you not leave home without them?

Why do I ask?

Because, when I was a little girl I always loved to visit with my Grandfather, because he would always let me turn his pockets inside out. Grandpa always wore bib-overalls with more pockets then a small child could count and he always carried the most amazing things, and each time was a new adventure. This post would be far too long if I tried to list all the unusual things that turned up in Grandpa’s pockets or the stories he had to tell about them. But, I could always count on finding each of the following every time I turned out grandpa’s pockets: plenty of lemon drops and pennies to share, a toy cricket (a tin bug that made a cricket sound when you pushed on the snapper in the back), a kazoo, a buckeye nut, a well-worn 1878 Morgan liberty head silver dollar (year he was born), a rosary (tied up in the toe of a old sock) that had been his Mother’s and was broken and missing 2 beads but he would sit in the barn everyday at noon and pray those beads, a big flat washer tied to a long piece of string, a fish hook stuck in a cork, a small medal tin of stick matches, a flat wood pencil and a folding ruler.

My father never wore bibs and there was no way he would let me turn his pockets inside out, but, growing up I learned that he had special items that went on the night stand each night and back into his pockets each morning. Dad carried a buckeye nut, a buck pocket knife, a 1922 half dollar, a small flat stone he picked up in the Philippines during WW2, a St. Christopher medal, and a small square nail.

Over the years I discovered that my husband’s pockets were also never without a few prized items. He always carried a small buck knife, a buckeye nut, a set of handcuff keys, a painted rock (daughters first craft) a Zippo lighter (my first gift) and a 1899 Liberty head half dollar (his Dad’s)

What about the men in your life, what do you find interesting in their pockets?

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