Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The case of the Vanishing Wedding Ring

I live in a very small town, and lately there has been a new very attractive gentleman (appears to be about my age) that I have been seeing around town. I noticed him in the checkout line a few lanes down, sitting in a booth alone at McDonald's when I drove past the window on my way to the drive thru, across the aisle in church...... that kind of thing.

Tonight I am sitting in my favorite diner reading a book and waiting for my dinner when I look up and notice that this man has taken the seat facing me in the booth directly in front of me. I smile at him and go back to reading. All I can see of the guy over the back of my booth is from his mid chest upward.

My food comes and every time I look up he is watching me. I smile, he smiles, I pretend to read. Then we repeat the process. I am a old gal that is very out of practice, but I realize we are flirting with each other. Once I raise my glass of tea and glance at him as I sip, he picks up his glass to take a sip and I notice that he is left handed and there is a gold band on his ring finger.

I hear a loud balloon popping noise, and I go back to reading in earnest. A little later I hear him call the waitress over and ask for another glass of tea and I glance up to see him handing her the glass. And, viola the ring is gone. Just plan not there.

DARN MEN!!!!!!!

I feel as if I am living in a Agatha Christie novel "The case of the Divine Mercy" on Sunday, and "The Case of the Vanishing Wedding Ring" on Wednesday.