Saturday, May 26, 2007

I guess I'm thankful

Since posting my last entry on the loss of our train whistles, I have heard on the news about a city council in Nevada that wants to prevent a car dealership from flying a large American Flag over the car lot because the neighboring residents are disturbed by the noise that the flapping flag makes. I have also heard about a high school student that took a 410 shotgun and killed a bird in the tree outside his bedroom window because the birds song was interfering with his concentrating on the book he was reading.

On a recent rainy day, my husband and I were traveling on the interstate highway when we were caught in a major traffic jam caused by a traffic accident. Based on the amount of time and the speed we were inching along the roadway, and the number of police cars passing us on the shoulder we figured it had to be very serious. The accident was indeed serious and unfortunately someone did lose their life, but the accident was not the main reason for the traffic jam. The problem was the motorist that were leaving their vehicles to get a better look at the gory scene (see the photo I snapped as we passed) and compounding both the traffic situation and the police efforts to clear it.

What is this world coming too? Are we all so overworked and stressed that we have to overreact to everything around us? Have we all become so self-centered, developed such a strong “my way or else” attitude, that we can no longer see the big picture? Have we become so jaded by all the violence and mayhem in the world that we must feed on the suffering of others? What has happen to the hard earned rights of a nation that so many have fought and died to protect?

I guess (no I ‘m sure) I am grateful that I was able to live the lion’s share of my live in a simpler world. A world, where the sound of birds chirping, flags flapping and trains whistling; did not send the public into revolt. A world where a traffic accident would have people bowing their head in prayer for the victim, and made physically ill by sights they could not avoid.

I’m grateful that I do not have to be a young person facing life today. I’m grateful that my children were raised in a time when they could be kids and play was still fun created from make believe and imagination. A time, when every horrible action in the world, was not displayed in bold color on a television or computer screen for all to see. A time when they did not have to be afraid of the motives of every adult they met.

Yes, if I could choose, I would want the world I grew up in to be the world that all today’s children would also grow up in. And, when I am the one in charge I will see to it that is exactly the kind of world they will have. Until then I will do my best to improve my little corner of the world, and I think I will start by working on getting my town council to revoke the no train whistles ordinance in my small town.