Sunday, August 19, 2007


I am jinxed. Honestly, I will take a bible oath to that fact. It there is anything odd, strange, unusual, unique or different going to happen, it will seek me out. It is as if I have some sort of magnetic field around me that draws the unbelievable, and causes it to attach itself to me.

Over the years many of my friends and co-workers have accused me of sitting up nights inventing stories that I could use when I needed a reason to cover for some absence or tardiness. I’ve been told that so many odd events could not believably happen to one person. But, the solid truth is that they have, so the only explanation is that I must be jinxed.

Have you ever:
Had a fork in your arm up to the shank? Been in a car up to the dashboard in water and about to float down a small creek during a flash flood in a area that has no history of flooding? Been driving down a busy roadway and suddenly had your front wheel weaving between the cars in front of you? Driven your car down the steps on the hillside of the courthouse grounds? Lost your many layers of crinolines in the middle of the dance floor while dancing with the most popular boy in school at homecoming? Been trapped in a chicken coop by a rogue rooster? Forced to spend hours of a day home alone on top of a dresser because of a five foot snake on the bedroom floor below? Stuck at the top of a Farris Wheel all night?

Well, each of these things and many more have all happened to me over the years and are all on my list of future stories to write. It’s like Mark Twain said, “the difference between truth and fiction is that fiction has to make sense”, so check back occasionally and see if I ever get any of them out of my head and on the screen.

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