Saturday, March 15, 2008

New Look

A while back I put an invisible counter on this blog, and discovered that my suspicions were true. My dear husband was the only person besides myself to sign onto my site. No one else signed in during the trial period. I was not surprised. Every time I questioned a friend or family member they would hem and haw and finally admit that they just had not visited my site in a while. I suspect that “never” might be closer to the truth, but what the heck.

So in an effort to make my site more appealing I have changed the layout and the title, plus added some widgets. I have also resolved to enliven my writing. The blogs my husband loves to read all seem to have humor in them. I am not sure I can pull it off, since humor is a foreign concept for me. Besides, I tend to write about things that are, for me, more emotional in nature. But I am going to give it a try.

It was never my intention to make my blog a journal of day to day happenings in my world. I was seeking an avenue for the short stories that I tend to write when I am trying to work through a problem or just hoping that by recording some event I will get it off my mind. As a result my entries have always been sporadic. When going through my word files I discovered I have dozens of half finished pieces. It seems I have to be in a certain mood, or feeling some type of angst in order for me to complete something. If the spell gets broken, the work just sits until the next time I get my head in the same place. That probably doses not make much sense, or speak well of me, but that is how it seems to work with me.

I am going to make a greater effort at writing about daily happenings that are not emotionally charged issues for me so if you happen onto this site then please come back every week to see if I succeed.

Hope you like the new look. Leave some feedback if you can so I have something to work with.

It is Saturday night so go out and find yourself a great traditional Irish dinner and have some green beer for those of us (like myself) that are too much a coward to give it a try.

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  1. Well, I should have been noted on your count of visitors. Since the Knightly Buzz has been up and running I check them both frequently. I do like the new look, especially the music. I was trying to find some rhyme or reason for the miscellaneous pictures of the houses around town. I've also been trying to figure out which neighbor could be causing all of the noise;)


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