Monday, November 16, 2009

Updates and more.

It has been over two weeks since my announcement that we were in the process of purchasing a new house so I wanted to bring everyone up to date. Today is Monday; we closed on our new place this afternoon. Tomorrow two of my strong, willing and financially needy nephews were scheduled to come help us start moving, but the weather will not cooperate. The skies have been dumping raindrops the size of mason jars all day. Last weeks rains left our backyard a boggy marsh and today downpours have turned it into a stock pond.

As I sit here writing this I am covered in bruises, my nails are jagged and broken, my hands are covered in small cuts, and if you look closely traces of paint can still be seen rimming my nails. In the last two weeks every item in my house has been sorted and packed. One end of our basement contains as much plunder (awaiting an upcoming garage sale) as does the boxes stacked in the family room awaiting the movers.

The deck has a fresh coat of redwood stain; the bath has a new coat of something called “Gentle Doe” and four gallons of “Cargo Pants” and “Silver Slipper” are waiting to be applied to the bedroom walls.

The cable and Internet hook ups in the new place cannot be installed for another ten days but the computers have to be disconnected to allow for painting, so I expect to be off line very soon.

The closing on the new place was delayed for a week due to a flooded basement: courtesy of the Telephone Company. AT&T was installing new lines along the road beside the house and cut the drain hose that carried the rainwater away from the house. Since we have been in monsoon season for the last two months the water backed into the basement causing extensive damage. The phone company is footing the bill for the repairs but they are sure taking their time with the repairs.

We went for the walk through today and the place was full of painters and other workers trying to beat the closing deadline. Then the city building inspector showed up and found a list of ten major problems with the plumbing and electrical systems and would not issue the occupancy permit until they are repaired, causing more delays.

Now the move is pushed back another full week as we wait for the permit to move in. I just pray that the weather next week will be better. I do not have much time left to get this house empty. The flyers for our garage sale are posted all over town and a large ad will appear in the Thanksgiving edition of the local newspaper so I have to be ready for the sale by the 27th. Since we do not have a garage we planned to whole the sale in the basement. This time of year folks will not attend a sale that is not indoors.

I have been collecting Christmas Village pieces for thirty years and have hundreds of pieces I plan to sell. It is now or keep them another year. Frankly, I just do not have the desire it takes to do all the work it takes to set up and take down that village, anymore. I want to see it gone. Along with a lot of other collectables and do dads, that has just become dust collectors.

Well, I am falling asleep at the keyboard so time to go. I doubt I will get back until after things settle down and we are moved and this house has been staged and placed on the market to sell. Still have those bedrooms to paint and lots of scrubbing to do.

Please pray that we get a quick sale. In this economy, that has not been an easy thing for most sellers to do. We are not looking forward to having double mortgage payments indefinitely.

Have a Great Thanksgiving dear friends, family and fellow bloggers. I promise I will return to regular posting soon.


  1. I've two words of advice, Rita: "Spa Day"!

    Wish I could pop in for your garage sale ... love 'em!

    Sending warm wishes for a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. Hi Rita! Hi Frank! Long time, long time, heh. First, congrats on the new home! Second, I'm back on line and have just moved, myself( didn't have a speck of help, either ). And lastly you've my blessing and best wishes in your new place :)

  3. Larry, thank you so much for the wonderful comment. To keep you from wondering why it did not show up the fault is all mine. I am so sorrow I accidentally deleted it.

    To keep you from having to repost it I have copied it below.

    It has been a month since you posted but I am just now reading Nov 16. I hope you and Frank survive the move.

    Your images are wonderfully graphic. I will never see large rain drops again without thinking of mason jars.

    When your backyard became a "stockpond" did you notice any water buffalo drinking there?

    Larry (Y b-i-l)


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