Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ruby Tuesday ---Christmas Memories

Welcome to Ruby Tuesday the day we show off our photos that contain some red.

I can't believe that it has been more than twelve weeks since I was last able to post to one of my favorite memes, Ruby Tuesday. Six weeks away on vacation and then moving and getting two homes situated. After making the new place presentable and mostly livable and getting the old place polished and staged as if the royal family would be our future buyer I am ready for some fun and relaxation. It is nice to have the holiday work behind me as well so that I can once again spend some quality time with my cameras and the old PC.

Our last holiday guest will be coming to dinner tonight and then I will be packing away our Christmas Tree for another two years. Yes, I did say two years. I have two trees with two different sets of decorations and I alternate them. This year was the year for the tree with the multicolored lights and all the old fashion, hand made and sentimental ornaments. So what better to feature for Ruby Tuesday than some of the red on this year's Christmas tree. After all, next year's tree will be more formal with white lights and crystal and silver ornaments.

I inherited this little Santa from my Father's collection. Santa is faded and some of his flocking is missing but he has been hanging around since the 1930's when he came attached to a small bag of candy beads in my father's stocking.
This little stocking was the very first stocking I filled for my then future husband back in 1965. The stocking is only three inches long but believe it or not I managed to find and stuff it with twenty-five very small items that could actually be used by him. I wish I had kept a list or at least had a photo of the contents to prove this to all the doubting Thomas's over the years.
Back in the early years when the number of gifts needed exceeded what we had to spend, we resorted to giving hand made gifts to everyone. This beaded candy cane is one of the survivors of the hundreds that I made one year for friends and family.
My sister was married on the 28th of December thirteen years ago and each place-setting at her wedding reception included one of these hearts she cut out of plywood and hand painted for the occasion.
I still have a handful of these cute flocked redbirds that I inherited from my mother-in-law. They were on her tree from the first day I came into the family. I have no idea how many years they hung on her tree.
This little decoration does not hang on my tree but it has had a place of honor decorating my bathroom since I received it from one of my bosses back in 1966. The holly is getting a bit ratty but I hope it makes it to the fifty year mark.

I hope your holiday season is full of treasured memories and I pray that this Christmas brings each of you faith renewed, joy rekindled and wonder reborn.

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  1. Gee, when you said two trees, I assumed both were up. Kinda neat! And some pretty charming ornaments, as well :)

  2. beautiful Christmas decoration!

    My Ruby Tuesday calls for a new goal next year, to SAVE! Wishing you a bountiful new year!

    BTW, I just followed your blog.

  3. I love old Christmas decorations and yours are simply charming.
    Happy New Year!
    Sunny :)

  4. I like reading the history or each Christmas ornaments, makes it very special and a thing to be treasured. Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year!

    Homemade Salsa and Tomato sauce

  5. Rita, I enjoyed seeing your ornament photos and reading the history. You've been busy, busy--blessings on your move. Hope you aren't going too far away from our beautiful area! :)


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