Friday, December 14, 2007

When all good things fail

No, I did not fall off the face of the earth. No I have not been on a trip around the world. And, No I have not been intentionally ignoring my blog. But I have been disconnected from a way to post to this cyber medium for quite some time now.

It is one of those “good news” “bad news” stories I have to tell today. The good news is that our house hunt is finally over. As reported in my last post we found an adorable little house on the west side of town and we are now almost settled into our cozy bungalow. The better news is that a buyer for our tiny condo almost fell from the sky into our laps and tied up all our loose ends into a nice holiday package. The bad news is that our wireless router went out and left us without internet service in the condo two weeks before the scheduled move and we elected not to fix it since we were planning to change our internet provider at the new house. Plus all the packing and fix-ups at both properties would keep us too busy to use it anyway. Then we ran into a list of problems and screw-ups with the new company long enough to fill the Sunday Times. As I write this, we still are fighting to get the new service connected at the house. We have been told that hopefully today will be the magic day. Only time will tell, so I am trying to have this ready and waiting in the event a miracle does happen.

I would love to go into all the gory details of the many errors made by our big name service provider but I am afraid that it would only cause us to get disconnected (assuming we ever do get connected, that is) if they were to come across my bad mouthing them in print. They are so large they do not need our business and have been such jackasses during this whole process that I don’t want to rock the boat. I am sure by now you are asking why we did not give up and go to another carrier. That is part of the story as well. We have actually been working with two providers and it has come down to whichever gets us hooked up and working properly first will be the one we stay with. The other will get a call to cancel their install. It is sure a shame the way big business has taken service and pride of work out of their formulas for success, but that is another kettle of smelly fish I do not have time to fry.

Much has happened over the last 8 weeks and I hope to bring you all up to date as soon as possible but it may be some time as I still have boxes to unpack and the holidays to prepare for. Actually, we have been without both our television and our internet and that has probably been a blessing. Without any distractions from those two fronts we have had no reason to do anything but work on getting our house in order and are much farther along than we would have been otherwise. But, I look forward to being able to take a break and play a game online or just read my email without taking a trip to a cyber café.

Wow!!!! You are reading this. That means that I must be back on line.

Thank you all for your concern and inquiries as to my absence.

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