Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Welcome "The Old Salt"

Hi everyone. Big changes are afoot here at “Cashjocky’s Keyboard”. As the regular readers will notice we have a new look and a new name.

This has been my blog since 2005 and now my dear Frank is a big part of my life and, therefore my blog. I am no longer just the Cashjocky. I am now the wife of a retired navy officer(thus “The Old Salt” reference) so our new blog will be known as “Cashjocky and the Old Salt.”

Since my hubby is more of a minimalist than I am, you will notice some housekeeping, and fewer bells and whistles cluttering up the place.

I hope you like the new look and will check back often to see what Frank might have to say. He sometimes remarks he is in training to be a garrulous old man. Regardless, after 30 years in the navy and 10 years as a deputy sheriff, he has all kinds of great stories and hard learned insights to share. I hope you will find them as fascinating as I do, if I can ever get him interested in posting them. So check back often.

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  1. Well, I must admit I liked all the bells and whistles of the old sight, but I've also heard that less is more;)

    Believe it or not ~ but we hear some of Frank's stories second hand!


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