Sunday, August 10, 2008

100 Things

I have read that there is an unwritten blogging rule, that when you reach your 100th post, you are to post a list of 100 truthful items that pertain to yourself. Well as the self proclaimed queen of non compliance, I just can’t follow some expected rule, so I am going to publish my list early. Like now.

100 things you may wish you never learned about me.

1. I am the oldest of thirteen.
2. I have nine brothers
3. I have three sisters
4. I am afraid of heights.
5. I have been to the top of the Empire State Building, the Vulcan and the Sears tower.
6. I once spent a whole night at the top of a Ferris wheel (with a guy).
7. I believe in love at first sight
8. The most terrifying event of my childhood was a cross country train trip at the age of 7. Just me and my little brother and we had to change trains once and keep from losing our luggage.
9. I was named as next of kin by a soldier who committed suicide by jumping from a parachuting practice platform.
10. I once had dinner with John Hartford. A musician/composer best known for writing the country-pop standard "Gentle on My Mind,”
11. I have been written about in medical journals twice.
12. I have read every book written by Victoria Holt, Catherine Cookson and Lawrence Sanders.
13. I have never been a bridesmaid.
14. I once owned a full service restaurant. (served 120)
15. I have two brothers who are priests.
16. My first husband was my Uncle’s brother.
17. I met my second husband on the internet
18. In the ninth grade, I won third place in a school writing contest. The first and second place entries were also written by me. All three were disqualified once the principle learned I had ghost written the other two.
19. I probably took my driving test more times than anyone else in the country.
20. Once during a driving test, I drove my car down the front steps of the courthouse.
21. During my lifetime I have lost the same 50lbs. enough times to create 2 average size adults. Even worse is that I need to do it all over again now.
22. A fork was thrown with such force at me that it was embedded in my wrist up to the shank and had to be surgically removed.
23. I, like Humpty Dumpy, have broken my crown. When I was a child I was pushed off a bluff and landed on a railroad track cutting a large hole in my forehead.
24. I prevented two elderly men from dying of heatstroke during one of the hottest summers in Missouri history. I had a premonition at work and left in the middle of my shift. I arrived at the house where the men lived with only minutes to spare according to the paramedics.
25. I used to collect owls until they took over my whole house. I only have 30 now and display perhaps a dozen.
26. I like to collect photos of windows and doors.
27. I like my hot tea sweet and my iced tea unsweetened.
28. I am a diabetic.
29. Procrastination is my middle name.
30. I sleep with a c-pap machine.
31. I always have a book with me for when I have wait.
32. I do marathon reading sessions when I’m depressed.
33. I rarely carry a purse.
34. I can drink hot tea that gets cold but I cannot drink iced tea that gets warm.
35. I am the self professed “Queen of non-compliance” when it comes to following what I call “dumb rules”. We can talk about who decides which rules are dumb some other time.
36. A waiter once dumped and entire tray full of drinks on me in a 5 star restaurant. He got so upset he ran out the back door and never came back.
37. I once belonged to a social club where all the women were married to men with the same first name.
38. I did it first. Long before Zsa Zsa I slapped a cop. . .in the face . . hard. And didn't get arrested.
39. I purchased a wedding gown on sale that was six sizes too small butlost so much weight it was a size too large on my wedding day.
40. I don’t like roses, diamonds, or coffee.
41. I once lost a ring but saw it on a lady’s finger two years later and actually convinced her to give it back to me.
42. I am a nudist at heart.
43. I prefer a 100 degree day over a snow day anytime.
44. I don’t like cats, but they are growing on me now that we have two of them.
45. I dislike eating in restaurants that put butcher paper on the tables.
46. If I get really tickled, I forget to breathe.
47. I love plants but I can walk into a room and see some of them die.
48. My favorite color is purple (in all it’s shades)
49. I would prefer to live where I can go barefoot all the time.
50. I have a short square foot with stubby toes. A perfect fit is a 7EEE.
51. I still wish on stars.
52. Every time I hear the siren of an emergency vehicle I pray for the people involved.
53. I make the sign of the cross each time I pass a church or hospital.
54. I once drove a company car. A Tupperware Ford.
55. I watched the last section of the St. Louis Arch being placed.
56. I cannot give blood.
57. I have a condition that has changed names three times since I was first diagnosed. It is now called fibromyalgia.
58. I learned to drive in a 1946 Studebaker truck.
59. I lost my crinolines in the middle of the dance floor at homecoming.
60. The first time I got carded for liquor I was in my forties.
61. I like to give theme parties.
62. I cannot sing. In fact, I was promised a passing grade in chorus if I would lip sync the vocals in high school.
63. I once considered becoming a nun.
64. I came close to drowning in 3 feet of water at the bottom of a water slide. I was rescued by two 8yr. old kids.
65. It took the gift of a ruby ring to get me to quit biting my fingernails. I was seventeen.
66. I have been to a Worlds Fair.
67. I have been to a Broadway show.
68. I was 60 when I took my first airplane ride.
69. I have wanted to go to Maine since I was 12. I never have.
70. I have been a guest on the radio.
71. I have appeared on television.
72. I won first place for my biscuits at the county fair.
73. My float “The three little kittens”(with live kittens) won 2nd place for my age group in the coaster wagon division of the City's Founder's Day Parade when I was 13
74. I served as a Girl Scout leader.
75. I spend absolutely too much time on the computer.
76. My favorite season is Spring
77. I am a night person. Don’t expect me to be up and sensible before noon.
78. I hate unfinished projects but I am learning to overlook them.
79. I use to be a organizational fanatic now I am just moderately nuts.
80. I have to be desperate before I will ask someone for help.
81. I use to never cry. Now I am a blubbering fountain.
82. I will not watch sci-fi or horror movies.
83. I prefer comedies or chick flicks.
84. I own 20 pair of black slacks.
85. I never wear anything that is all white.
86. If I want to have a meal and a clean shirt I have to wear a bib. I spill things on my shirt—a lot.
87. I own over 100 tee-shirts and I only have about a dozen that I actually wear.
88. I am going to have my first yard sale next month. See #87 and #84.
89. I prefer antique dishes and old oak furniture.
90. I love peanut butter. Sometimes when the jar is getting low I will stir in some grape jelly and sit and eat it right out of the jar. My second favorite sandwich is peanut butter and banana.
91. My favorite sandwich is Tuna. I have been know to eat noting ealse for weeks.
92. The only thing that affects my choice of a Mexican restaurant is the salsa. We have three Mexican restaurants in my town and they all have terrible salsa. I will drive 50 miles to one that has great salsa and chips.
93. I once worked all winter for a company that sold flood damaged merchandise out of an old building that had no heat.
94. I have a thing for a man that wears a hat. Nothing is sexier to me than a man in a great hat.
95. I hate, despise and detest baseball caps.
96. It takes all I can do to keep from snatching baseball caps off the heads of men that do not take them off in restaurants, church etc.
97. My all time favorite male actor is and always will be James Gardner.
98. I would cut almost everything else from my budget before cutting out my acrylic fingernails.
99. I have been addicted to soap operas, Pac-man and slot machines. I will no longer go near any of them.
100. And last on the list but most important of all, I thank the Lord everyday for bringing my dear Frank into my life. Without him I would not have a life worth living. I love you Frank.


  1. Thanks for sharing the list ~ I must admit some of them are funny, some have the wow factor, and #100
    is the Rita that has been happier the last year than I've ever seen her!

  2. Wow...that must have taken you a long time to come up with 100 things. I couldn't do it, I just know!
    I DO LOVE your last one...the love your your life, Frank. No, not that I LOVE him...I just love your thought. LOL

    I'm here from the Blogger Over 50 Blog roll and I just added your blog link to the list.

    Happy to have you join us. Hopefully you can find some common friendships through our growing membership! Welcome aboard.

    [you may have to refresh your browser to see the link's been added...and my blog is always ready for new, great bloggers visiting!] your blog's background, very pretty.

  3. Your blog title has been changed as per your request. [bloggers over 50 that is]

  4. How wonderful was that to read?!?! Some were too funny (recognized myself in a few); others were surprising to me. I never knew you wanted to go to Maine or didn't fly until 60. All in all it was a VERY enjoyable list to read. And being in love is the best thing in the world. BTW, being a bridesmaid is WAY overrated.

  5. Wow, so interesting.
    I want to hear the story about when you slapped the cop sometime. :)


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