Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Surprise Family Reunion

It has been a while since I posted here. I left a note explaining that I would be MIA without much notice this summer. This spell was one of those occasions.

The Old Salt has a son who works out of the country. He has one of those mysterious jobs that requires a lot of travel and keeps him on the move so it is hard to keep up with him. Last Thursday he called and informed us he would be making a trip home to see his children, two of which would be celebrating a birthday over the weekend. He invited us to join him for a brief visit. We had not seen him or his children for two years so naturally we agreed to make the trip.

We had barely enough notice to toss a few items into a suitcase and arrange to keep our plants watered and animals fed, before we were driving to Texas. The Old Salt's granddaughters moved from California to the Dallas area about a month ago. This move has considerably shortened our travel time and we were excited to make our first trip to their new home. When Frank's son arrived in Texas we were delighted to learn he brought his son, from another relationship, with him from California. So we got to spend the weekend with all the grandchildren and their father in one place for the first time since we've been married.

I have posted a few of my photos from the trip on my photo blog and will post more as time permits. For now I just want to share a photo of the Old Salt and his four grandchildren.

On our return trip we made a detour into Tulsa to visit with the Old Salt's niece and her family. So it was an exciting spur of the moment weekend for everyone involved.

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  1. How totally FUN ... I love this picture of Frank!
    (Sometimes I wish I were more spantaneous; maybe I was just "born old" - LOL!)

  2. It sounds like a nice trip. Thanks for the photo...

  3. I'm glad the "old salt" had a chance to visit with his family;)
    Welcome Home!

  4. No one stays in one place anymore. It do get complicated.


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