Saturday, February 27, 2010

Color Carnival #39--- Persian Palace

Color Carnival is a meme celebrateing all the colors in God's rainbow.

My entry for this week was captured during a trip to the doctor this week. This down the street from my doctors office is this building that has the outside stairways covered in multi-colored awnings. They always remind me some Persian Kings Palace while the Old Salt says they look like carnival tents. I am surprised that I have never stopped to photograph them before this week, but when I saw them I suddenly realized they were a perfect entry for Color Carnival.

To join the fun or to check out all the colorful entries of other players, visit Martha and her friends at Color Carnival.


  1. Wow ... they look so shiny clean! 'Wonder who "gets" that job? ... and how he/she does it?

  2. Great job. Coming over from Color Carnival. Maxine joke cracks me up. Have a good weekend. Nancy

  3. Perfect indeed, so bright and fun!

  4. Now THAT is the epitome of Color Carnival. 100% perfect! That must make going to the doctor's more fun.

  5. I agree with you , that it´s purfect pictures for Color Carniavl :)

  6. That is so lovely!perfect for CC.

  7. Hi !
    Thanks for your visit and comment at my blog.
    Glad to here that you can hang in there for 20 moore days of waiting for the spring to arrive :)
    I don´t know what that plants name is , sorry :(
    Have a nice week !


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