Monday, April 05, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday --- Yellow it is

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I'm sure that those of you of my generation, remember, when every community had large apartment complexes of cookie cutter apartments buildings all managed by the same company; that have mostly gone condo in the last decade or so. Well. I live in one of those complexes. We have what was known as a townhouse with a large fenced patio that opened on to common ground. Only now the common ground has been divided into small parcels that belong to each condo.

So when I step outside my fenced patio I am looking at a large expanse of unfenced lawn chopped up into different patterns by how recently the grass has been mowed. Its like a new subdivision where the home owners have not had time to install their separate fences around the playground equipment and lawn furniture. A few days ago I noticed one lone yellow dot in the middle of all this expanse of lawn. I walked over and photographed the very first dandelion of the season. The very next morning I stepped thru my gate to hundreds of yellow polka-dots. Amazing how fast nature can change and grow.

Now you will have to look close at this next photo to get the whole picture. While driving down one of the smaller lanes in town I noticed this yellow tunnel attached to a wonderful treehouse that also has its own deck and underneath play area. I'm sure the kids that live there have great imaginative play times.

Votes are in on the yellow door.

Last week I posted my new yellow door and fact that the Old Salt was not in love with the color. I ask all of you to cast your vote on the color of our door and we agreed to to leave the decision up to all of you, the knowledgeable and savvy folks in Mellow Yellow-ville. Question was do we leave it as it is, lighten the color or change the color entirely. Based on all the votes cast both here and on our family blog the majority were definitely in favor of leaving the door as it is. I am also happy to report that the Old Salt claims the color is growing on him. So for now the door will remain its sunny goldenrod color.

Thank you all for you wonderful comments and for the many e-mails expressing your opinions.


  1. Congratulation on winning the door color..LOL: Have a good week. Happy yellow. Nancy

  2. i had a yellow door once and a girl said and i quote"who smeared mustard all over your door and trim, i bet you are mad as hopps about that????


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