Friday, April 02, 2010

Pink Saturday ----- Easter Giveaway

Welcome everyone to this week's edition of Pink Saturday, hosted by Beverly at How Sweet the Sound. Beverly gave us the option, this week, of posting either something in Easter yellow or doing our regular pink. I was going to go with my regular pink, than suddenly there it was, the perfect Easter yellow.

During my rounds of the local resale shops, this week, I spotted this yellow rabbit cookie jar and fell in love with it. I actually made several trips to the shop and talked myself out of buying it each time. The last trip I had my thirteen year old grandson with me and he disliked the Bunny. Something about the eyes turned him off. Sinister is the word I believe he used to describe it.

But, I loved the that it had been hand made by someone in a ceramics class. In fact, there is a woman's name in gold script on the front. It reads Gloria Williams, 12-04-50. Can you believe this gem is almost sixty years old. Plus, I found it very sad that there was no one left from this ladies family that wanted to keep such a wonderful heirloom in the family.

Now how can you have pink Saturday without something pink. So, here is a collage of photos I took this week of some of the beautiful pink trees in town. What better way to honor Easter and spring.

Do you remember this lovely coach? I included this photo in a PS post about a month ago that featured some of my many thrift store finds. So many of you expressed an interest in this little gem and stated that you would have purchased it had you been there. Someone even referred to it as a "Cinderella Coach."

Well, I happen to revisit that shop this week and not only was the coach still there, it had been moved into the bargain room. So I purchased it and will be giving it to one lucky commenter this week. You will not have to sign up to follow my blog, or jump through any of those other hoops that I have seen on other blog sites doing a giveaway. All you have to do is leave a comment here this week and let me know that you would like to give this jewel a new home. I will place all the names in the proverbial hat and draw a winner next Friday and post it in my PS post next week. Congratulations to each of you.

I wish you all a happy Easter.

To join in the fun or just visit the pink post of others visit Beverly and her friends at Pink Saturday.


  1. I like that old bunny cookie jar. There is "something" about the eyes... But it is really cute. I would have snatched it up to! I am loving those punk trees AND the give-away figurine. Please, please, please add my name to the hat. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. What a lucky find for you! That bunny looks like me when I'm holding a piece of chocoate, don't come near me! I would love to be entered in your give away. Wishing you a blessed Easter.

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  3. Happy Easter and PInk Saturday!!!! love your post today!

  4. Love the post, and what a find. How can you bear to give it away? I'm not entering (I'm in the UK, and I doubt it would arrive in 1 piece...) but good luck to the lucky lucky winner. And I'm so pleased you are just going to pick a name - all this jumping through hoops just isn't on!

    Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Easter!

  5. That is a cute, love, love your images....Hope all is going well your way!

    Happy Easter Rita!

  6. Happy Pink Saturday Rita and Happy Easter too...
    Oh I love your little bunny. He has such a sweet face, and can you imagine he is 60 years old? He looks pretty darn good for his age, anyway I think so. I am glad you snatched him up. He now has a permanent home.

    That figurine is just beautiful. I love the pink and gold etched. How gorgeous it is. It does look like Cinderella coming out of a coach. So precious.

    Oh Sweetie you and DH have a beautiful Sunday Easter Day, and eat an egg or two, maybe even three. I mean Easter only comes once a year right?

    Love ya sweetie...Sherry

  7. Rita,
    Happy Easter!! I am just making my PS rounds and will probably be doing so during the first part of the week. I am way behind with the holiday and all. I love the bunny. I run a church flea market and I always feel that i have been given the opportunity to pass on items that where once loved by someone to someone else who will also love and cherish them. The bunny found the right home with you and I am sure it's past maker and owner is delighted!! Of course, Please enter me in your giveaway!! Have a wonderful holiday!!

  8. Happy Pink Saturday, Rita.

    I think the bunny jar is adorable, and I agree that it is sad that no one in the family wanted this treasure.

    Now, you must know I would adore Cinderella's coach, but I have to tell you a story. I purchased one almost exactly like it over thirty years ago. I was so excited when I purchased it, but when I got home I discovered it wasn't with me. I thought that I must have put it down while looking at something else.

  9. Even the little bunny looks a little squirky-I still like thim. Thanks for rembering it was me that thought it looked liked Cinderella. I would love to win the give away. Have a wonderful day today.

  10. Hi Rita,

    What a lovely post! :)

    You know -- I just read Beverly's comment and how she lost a similar figurine all those years ago. I would like to double her chance with my entry -- I hope this is possible.

    Greetings from Munich,

  11. Delightful PINK post for Easter weekend. Hope you had a wonderful celebration!
    Hugs and blessings,

  12. I think your bunny and the coach scene are very cute. I don;t know if i could find place for another tchotke so I won't enter the drawing. Love your pink tree pictures. One day I will plant one of those trees in my own yard. Happy belated Easter and Pink Saturday.


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