Thursday, April 01, 2010

Theme Thursday -- yellow

The good folks who host Theme Thursday have decided to devote one week each month to a specific color. This is the week and the color for this month is yellow. What better color for the beginning of spring. Due to warmer weather here over the last week spring has started busting out every where. And, I am certainly glad to see all those energizing signs of life around me.

During a short drive through town yesterday on our way to check out the flooding (for the second time this year) on the river I captured all of these cheery yellows.

But, I didn't have to go any further than my own back yard to photograph these yellow and green flags. The church behind us flagged off the area they planned to use for their easter egg hunt last weekend, unfortunately, it was raining and the festivities moved indoors and the field has been to wet to take down the flags.

Even most of the fire hydrants in town are sporting fresh new coats of yellow.

Lastly, we have a photo of our newly painted front door. I posted about the disagreement over the color of our door on my post for the meme Mellow Yellow on Monday. I explained that we were going to let everyone in blog land decide the fate of the door and ask everyone to cast their vote on the color they liked best. You will find that post here, so please go vote.

Wishing everyone a blessed Easter Season. May you find new energy in all of the yellow posted this week.
To join the fun or visit other participants from around the world visit Theme Thursday


  1. happy easter to you as well! love that flag pic...a yellow door, interesting and eye catching...hope you hav a great tt!

  2. Ha! Herman's could you not feel motivated after listening to that...

  3. Who knew Yellow was the new colour? But I gotta say I like it!

  4. Yellow is blooming everywhere I go in blogtown today!

    Nice TT!

    and Happy Easter to you too!

  5. Love the flowers and your door is best. Happy Easter. Nancy

  6. Great pictures. And I love your door! What a happy sight it must be when you come home to it.

    Mine is here.


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