Saturday, January 22, 2011

Promised Update

Since I have been so scarce in blogland, I promised to catch everyone up on what has been happening in my world. But, since my time is still limited, This will be the cliff notes version of the last eight weeks.
We are now into week eight of caring for our sick kitty. The time and effort needed to keep her alive is becoming more than needed to care for a toddler. Please pray she recovers soon. She has lost more than half her weigh due to a liver disorder and the hourly feeding with a syringe are taking their toll on the Old Salt and me.
We recently made a trip to Omaha to do a favor for my sister. She was on the planning committee for a father/daughter dance sponsored by the Girl Scout Council and asked us to photograph the event. We had a great time and got to be there to celebrate one of my niece's birthday.

We are having the worst winter since 1982. We have been snowed in twice. Even my dentist had a snow day. The kids are having a ball with all the snow days. But, wait until spring when they have to make up that time.
· I’m learning I do not have the balance I used to have. I got out of my chair one morning and tripped on the hem of my new flannel Pj’s and will have a bruise for weeks where I banged my thigh.
· We managed to get the Christmas decorations (inside and out) down before our trip but now I have a week’s worth of work cleaning up the basement where we piled them.
· The squares on my calendar are not large enough for all our appointments so I had to buy a date book. Retirement should not be that busy!
· We just purchased our first camper. A slide-in for our new pick-up truck. We hope to be on the road by spring.
· We have been asked by one of my cousins to photograph their upcoming 50th wedding anniversary celebration. This will be a big event for us. We are now shopping for the right light bars and flash umbrellas so we can do at least a semi-professional job.
· The Old Salt and I have been taking turns getting and passing all the flu bugs out there. Looks like I have a chronic cough settling in for the duration of winter. Can’t wait to be able to spend some time in the sun.
I enjoy posting to all the fun meme’s out there and will continue as time permits. I also love to see what everyone else has posted. Please forgive me if I don’t leave a comment. My time is limited and I am only going to comment when I have a story to


  1. I'm happy to see you back, Rita ... but saddened by your kitty's diagnosis. Isn't this the little one who believes her(his?) self a canine?
    Don't worry about taking time to comment. Just wanted to let you and Frank know we're thinking of you ... and of course, holding your precious furball in our prayers!

  2. You have been busy. (I'm catching up today as well and I have no good excuse at all for being behind on visiting people, so I understand perfectly.) I'm so sorry about your kitty. I hopeshe gets better and you get some sleep soon and get over that cough.

    It's great you guys can share your photo talents like that. Don't worry about visiting back! I just wanted to let you know I understand and am thinking about you.


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