Sunday, January 23, 2011

Today is a day of Rest

We awoke this morning to more snow. As the above collage shows it was coming down heavy. The top photo on the right is the parking lot of the Baptist Church behind us. As you can see they did not have many in attendance at the morning service and those that did attend came out to find their cars buried. Forecast is for 4-6 inches by night fall.

Between the new snow and the Packers/Bears game I actually get to spend the entire day at home. I am going to totally ignore the pile of laundry and other chores in need of doing and claim a full day of rest for myself. And, what better to reduce stress and boost moral then blogging. Hopefully, I will actually get caught up on visiting with all of you sometime today.

But, before I head your way I want to introduce you to a special person. I met this lovely lady last week during my trip to Omaha. The Old Salt and I were busy helping decorate for the father/daughter dance being held by the Girl Scouts when we discovered that the banquet room next door was also getting ready for another big event. I happen to meet a few of the family members in the hallway and we traded information on our respective parties. I also received an invitation to stop by later and meet the honoree.

Let me introduce you to Ms. Jessie Hall.

Ms. Hall celebrated her One Hundredth Birthday earlier this month and was the guest of honor at a large and very happening party. I was delighted to meet her and thrilled she agreed to my taking her photograph. After all, how many centenarian's do we get to meet in a lifetime. I also learned that Ms. Hall has had a very fascinating life and is still a very active member of her church. I sure hope that I can follow in her shoes.

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  1. Ladies like her are role models for us all! I have an Aunt who is 102. I -- and all my kids -- hope we inherit her genes. She's well and alert, lives alone but close to family, knows more about current affairs than I do. She has that same sparkle in her eye that your new friend does!


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