Sunday, November 18, 2012


I'm sorry to say to all of Rita's loyal followers she will be away from her blog for awhile.  She has some health issues that will require surgery soon.  I imagine her recovery will keep her from her computer until early next year.  

I'm not sure what upset her more; not being able to blog or facing a second year of having the holidays disrupted with health issues.  

I want to thank everyone that has e-mailed their concern over her recent absence.    

 The Old Salt  (Frank)

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Vampires and Brides

 I have to admit I no longer understand Halloween or, at least the "Trick or Treat" part.  I live in the first house at the entrance to a large complex of condos and apartments.  Lots of kids can be seen here every day.  But, come Halloween night few show up at my door. Despite all the decorations I place in my yard, the bright lights illuminating my walkway and the basket full of treats at the ready my doorbell seldom rings.    

As I write this, it is going on eight o'clock and we have had exactly two little ones.  And they were the children of friends that stopped by at four o'clock on their way to visit one of the huge subdivisions, in one of the wealthy neighborhoods.  

I've been told by some of the parents in my complex that they do not like taking their children around our neighborhood because the layout of the buildings takes to much time and so many of the residents work in the city that   the doorbells aren't answered.  They like the more plush pickings that the big subdivisions across town offer.  

Over at the Thursday Photo Challenge this week's theme is "Dress Up" and I was hoping to capture some shots of adorable little ghost and gobbles as they came to my door.  Since that is not going to happen I am resorting to my plan "B" and several shots I took yesterday.    

While sitting at the stop light at Jefferson and Fifth Streets I notice something unusual in the window of the Bridal Shop on that corner.  I pulled over and got this shot of a bride holding a skull.  If you look closely you will also see some strange reflections in the window.  They are from the tire shop across the street.

During my visit to Wal-mart last night, I ran into Paula one of the greeters.   I retired from this store, when I married the Old Salt, and I have known Paula forever.  She is a sweet lady and if I remember correctly she has to be nearing eighty.  Paula, told me she was the only associate that dressed up for their shift this year so she won the "best costume" prize by default.  She also said she was dressed as a your friendly Wal-mart Vampire with bats bouncing on her head.   

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Jack-a-lantern Wall

This family has been lining the walls of their terraced flowerbeds with jack-o-lanterns for as long as I have lived in town.  This year the wall is all orange pumpkins.  They have used everything from pink, purple, black, orange or a mixture of colors (including a few real carved pumpkins) over the years.   As the above photos show the plastic pumpkins even light up at night.

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Come and Gone

This collection of sunny yellow posies were all taken during a recent visit to the Old Salt's brother in Columbia, Missouri.  I was so surprised to find this field full of blooming sunflowers in mid October.  I have no idea what the other yellow blooms are but I found them along the riverbank at Eagles Bluff Wildlife Preserve.  

Fall has come and gone if this giant Maple tree is any example.  This collage contains photos of the same tree taken two weeks apart.  This Maple sits in the field behind my house. The shots were taken at different times of day from different spots in my backyard. 

The leaves have blown into my yard and those of my neighbors to be raked up and placed at the curb for collection.  If you enlarge this photo, you will notice that the bare tree is still the favorite resting place of all the robins that feed off the insects in this field.  

While autumn is not my favorite time of year,  I have to admit I am more partial to the look of this tree when the bare limbs are silhouetted against the evening sky.    

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Fragments #220

It's Friday once again and time to report on all those small things and fragmented bits of our life that have happened in the last week.  

A few days ago I stopped at the local Sonic just after the nearby junior high   let out and the patio was full of school kids.  I noticed this hat and at first misread it to say "I heart Hatters!".  Thinking of my Hat Parade (on the sidebar) I grabbed my camera and headed for the kid wearing it.  When I got closer I realized what it actually said and was dumbfounded.  Why would anyone love a person who hates?  After a conversation with the young man and his mother, I learned this expression is a fad going around the school.  It is actually like saying the wearer loves it when they see others being jealous of the things they have.  It means you're successful in life if you have Haters.  In other words, if people hate you, you're pretty awesome.  Make sense?  Not to me!

This afternoon I was sitting in line at a local drive-thru restaurant (yeah, we've had a lot of lunches out lately) when I noticed a group of kids skateboarding on the parking lot across from me.  I managed to get this shot while I waited for my order. Yes, the lot has "No Skateboarding" signs posted.  

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Community Signs

 Near where I live there is a roadside farmers market where I often shop.  It works on the honor system and this is a shot of the pay box or Money Can. 

During a recent visit to the Old Salt's brother in Columbia, Missouri I captured this sign at the entrance to a large apartment complex. Several things bothered me about this sign.  First, I believe a few things are missing that should be there like skateboarding and double parking, second a few of the included items immediately told me this was not a place I would care to live. What is your opinion?

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

E. A. S. Y Tuesday Again

It's time once again for E. A. S.Y. Tuesday.  I'm finding that coming up with one or two photos starting with these letters is no problem. It's much harder than I expected to gather photos for all four of these letters each week. Being creative with items that start with the letter "Y" is especially hard.  I hope I don't burn everyone out with all my shots of yards and things yellow.  That said, here are my entries for this week. 

How about a nice little "Ewe."

There are lots of apple trees in my area.  I've also found that getting a good shot of the apples is not so easy when you don't want to trespass to get close enough to photograph them.  These happen to be crabapples.  The trees are planted on a church property and line the street close to my house.  The day after I took this photo a strong wind blew all the crabapples into the street. By the time I drove by again the street was covered in applesauce.    

How many dentist's do you know that have a swing on their parking lot?
  Mine does.  But then, she brings her small children to work with her everyday and the nanny needs a way to give them some outdoor playtime.

Two weekends ago, we visited the Old Salt's brother in Columbia, Missouri.  Just down from his house was a large apartment complex with a vacant lot in front of the buildings.  It was full (and I do mean full) of these yellow flowers.  Not sure if they are mini sunflowers, black-eyed susan's or something else but, it sure was a wonderful field of yellow and they are my "Y" shot for this week.  

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Wedding Yellows

My nephew was married on Saturday in an outdoor setting.  Attached are a few of the photos that contain the color yellow for this weeks Mellow Yellow Monday.  

All the floral arrangements and decorations were done by two of my sisters with assistance from other family members. 

Click here for the view behind the happy couple. 

Congratulations Jordan and Stephanie. 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hot Pink Hotrod

I've mentioned here many times that I never travel without having my camera in my lap.  You never know what you will see on the road.  One day this week was a perfect example.  An errand required us to take a trip into the next county.  Most of the drive was on a narrow, curvy country road. 

We came around yet another curve and the Old Salt drew my attention to something by the side of the road about a quarter mile ahead.  I could not believe what I was seeing and started snapping away.

 We pulled over and parked behind the tow truck loading a bright pink classic car.  I got out and started shooting while the Old Salt went to explain why we stopped to the startled owners who were surprised to see another couple pulling over for their breakdown.

 We learned from the owner that the car started life as a 1939 Plymouth.  This was a father and son restoration project that added some ford, chevy and other salvaged parts, making this a one of a kind classic.  The son began referring to the car as the Alien and the name stuck.  Thus the personalized plates.  The car reminded me of the Johnny Cash song "One Piece at a Time" where he stole a complete car, one part at a time, from the assembly line where he worked.  It took a long time and he ended up with a 1961,62,63,64,65 Cadillac.

This couple was traveling from Kansas to a classic car show somewhere in Illinois.  The lug nuts on a wheel came loose and could not be tightened so they needed a tow. We visited with them while their car was loaded on the tow truck then wished them a quick repair and a safe trip home. 

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Friday, October 19, 2012


I wanted to update the post I did two weeks ago.  I posted here explaining my absence from blogging.  Many thanks to everyone who commented or e-mailed me with their concern and support.  

I'm happy to report my grandson is much improved and has returned to school.   

My friend passed away earlier this week and we will attend her funeral on Saturday. My nephew is getting married on Saturday as well, so it will be a busy and bittersweet day for the Old Salt and me.  

While I have grabbed a few minutes here and there to publish a quick post I must admit that my heart has not been in it. As a result, I have not been visiting with others and hope you will all understand and forgive my absence.  

I sat down a few days ago and did a tally of my appointment book.  I was shocked to discover that during the thirty days of September we had nineteen doctor's appointments between us.  We have had fifteen so far for October, so   we will surpass September.  Both of us usually have mostly good days but we each have chronic illnesses that will always be with us. Thus, a never ending series of medical visits.  This reality has, of late, left me with a severe case of melancholy.  NO, I am not suffering from clinical depression but I have been feeling rather sad. Someone said that there is something wrong with a twenty year old who is cynical and sad and that there is something wrong with a sixty-five year old who isn't.  I'm sure this is just the progression of life, so we try   not to dwell on our infirmaries and live each day to the fullest. I suppose that loosing the first of my circle of friends has hit too close to home, and left me in a reflective mood. 

I am a surviver and just need some time to work through all that has been happening lately.