Saturday, October 06, 2012

Reflections on Black

 It is one of those cold, dark and dreary days here in Missouri's wine country;  a sure sign that autumn is well on the way to winter.  I'm afraid my life right now is about as gloomy as the weather.  A dear friend has been sent home from the hospital to spend her final days with her loved ones plus, my grandson has been ill and required a trip to the ER.   I've been so busy caring for others that I have not had much time for blogging the last week or so.  My suddenly busy schedule is making it hard to visit all of you, my faithful followers.  I promise to catch up as soon as time allows. 

I had to grab a few minutes to share this wonderful old car I spotted at Lowe's today.  Even though I was on a fast errand (yes,sometimes I am on slow errands) and needed to make a mad dash there and back, I took a minute to photograph this 1951 Chevy.  So far it has been the highlight of my day.  It has also been the shiniest thing I have found this week to share.    

When I first looked at this shot I though that someone has keyed this jewel ( even though I knew it was pristine when I photographed it).  If you click the photo to enlarge it you will see the lines on the side are actually reflections of the stripes on the parking lot.  I was surprised to see reflections on this car on such a overcast day.  The shiny finish must be the reason.  

That purple smear on the bumper is my slacks.  The reflections on the car are the lights and storage buildings lining the parking lot.   

   I watched the driver park this car and grabbed my camera.  As I was walking toward the car I noticed  he stopped to shine a spot on the rear fender with his shirtsleeve as he walked past it.      

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  1. Very cool car. Sounds like you have been very busy. Im sorry to hear about all the illness in your life. Don't worry about us. We will be here when you are ready.

  2. It sounds as if your life if quite difficult at the moment and I'm sorry about that.
    What a stunning and well polished car that is. You got great pictures of it.
    You take care of yourself!!!

  3. Aw, Rita ... I'm so sorry to learn of your friend and grandson. This has to be weighing heavy on your heart (and Frank's).
    Please don't concern yourself with getting around. Like it or not, you're stuck with me! :)

    PS - Sometime won't you share a pix of those cute purple slacks!

  4. Sending hugs -- don't worry about not getting around, we all have times like that (and not even always with such good reasons as you have). I sure hope your grandson is OK and that your friend and her family (and you and her other friends) find the comfort they need......

    We had a car very similar to this when we were first married. Isn't it a beauty? (We bought it as a used car in 1958!)

  5. Sweet drive ! Adams Familiy where visiting ?

  6. Magnifique voiture vraiment !

  7. Gotta love a woman who wears purple pants! I am so tired of only seeing black, brown and tan! Way to go, girl.

  8. Very pretty car pics, Rita.

    Best wishes to you and those you are caring for.

  9. Of course he stopped to touch up it's shine! What a lovely-well cared for ride!

  10. Wow! I got a shot of a blue '57 Chevy pick up truck that was restored and also very shiny. Cheers to us! Great find Rita.

  11. I am so sorry to hear about your dear friend. That is always so hard! And I do so hope your grandson is OK! I too am behind on my blog comments and trying to catch up! I really appreciated that you visited my quilting blog and making a comment on those placemats that took the life's blood right out of me! :-) Thanks. Great pictures of this wonderful old car!

  12. What a stunning vehicle - and what a great narrative of how you came to capture it. I've long believed in art's ability to heal, and you've proven it here: for all the gloom going on around you, you nevertheless found a snippet of brightness and chose to explore it. Lovely.

    I wish I had the power to heal your friend. I hope she sees this and realizes how special a friend you are.

  13. Love that car! Probably shiner than the day it was first purchased.
    I'm sorry about your friend...


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