Saturday, February 07, 2009

Sharing a Good Deal that we Found

I had been needing new glasses for a while and, due to the expense, postponed getting them. Then my dear husband read about a man's internet search for cheap glasses on one of the blogs he follows regularly. The blogger was upset after he paid hundreds of dollars for glasses and ended up going back to the store repeatedly for adjustments. The guy finally found a website that made great promises, and ordered a pair of glasses to see if they lived up to the hype. He had his cheap Internet glasses checked for clarity, accuracy of his prescription and made his own estimations of durability. The glasses passed with flying colors. He said he was so happy he ordered a second pair which were just as good as the first. So we decided to give them a try as well.

The Old Salt keyed in all the information and I selected the frames I liked from hundreds pictured. Then wa-la, four weeks later, the new glasses were in our mailbox.

I must admit buying glasses has never been so easy or so economical. I have also never had a pair that fit perfectly (without adjustments) on delivery, until now. If you are in the market for cheap glasses then try this site. We did and I could not be happier with my new glasses.

The cheapest glasses offered are single vision basic glasses which go for eight dollars. It is hard to imagine getting a pair of glasses for roughly the price of a movie ticket. I wear trifocals and I like no-line lenses so my glasses were always very expensive. The new glasses have everything I always get plus suv coating and transition-tint lenses that my old glasses did not have for 85 percent less. I've been wearing my new glasses for over a month and so far, they are great. Check out the before and after photo's below.

old glasses cost over $600 at Lens Crafters

New glasses were $88. at Zenni Optical and they have suv coating and transition-tint lenses that the expensive lenses did not.

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