Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ruby Tuesday-- The Kohmueller Farmstead

For this week's Ruby Tuesday entry I have selected one of the many historic homes in my town. The Louis Khomueller house stands today much as it did when it was built in 1878. It is a one story brick house with a stone foundation, a side facing gable roof, and a dentiled cornice. The house is unusual in that it has no formal facade. A recessed porch on the east side of the house provides access to the three entry doors and there are no doors on any of the other exterior walls. It lovely historic home and the remaining grounds were acquired by our city parks dept in 2000. The buildings are being restored by interested local citizens.
This view shows the main house, a two-story smokehouse to the left and a sturdy red privy to the right.
It is unusual to see a smokehouse two stories tall. The door to the smoke house is just to the right of the fireplace. In 1873 most meals would have been cooked in the outdoor fireplace.
The white stairs lead to the narrow door to the attic. The white door to the left goes to the root cellar.
One door opens to the bedroom and the other to the parlor. A door to the kitchen is just out of view.
The outdoor toilet was built with care. No one wanted freezing drafts during a visit there in winter. I believe it to be the last standing privy in town.

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  1. you wouldn't see a lot of outhouses these days...may be in the provinces.

  2. A really wonderful post!
    It surely had withstood the test of time. It's nice to see it is restored and being taken care of.

    My post is at Carletta’s Captures.

  3. That is an unusual house by today's standards. Nice bright red trim for RT. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I loved your posting for RT. Very interesting I enjoyed.


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