Saturday, February 21, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday #40

One of my brothers is the pastor of a Catholic Church out in the country. It sits on a ridge-top with a fantastic view. The following snapshots were taken during a visit this week. The shadows of trees and statuary on the grounds and buildings were expected, but I was so surprised to find that the shots taken of the view (just to capture the beauty) also had shadows of the trees even though they were quite some distance away. I hope you enjoy them.

What looks like people in this shot are actually statues in the Grotto reflecting on the ground

This is the rectory (priest home). Trees on the side of the church.
Shadows under the stairway into the school.
Trees on the side of the school building.
This was taken to record the beauty of the view but, if you enlarge it, you will notice that ,in the distance, the trees cast shadows on the hillside.

For more great shadow shots click the camera badge


  1. What wonderful set of shadows :D

  2. Beautiful shots - reminds us of our little town!
    The shadow on the brick - the close-up one....that is our favorite - quite lovely!

  3. Marvelous shadow shots! some stark and beautiful, others, just lovely shadows. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Fun shots, won't you be glad to see leaves on the trees!!!


  5. What a wonderful series of shots!
    My favorite is the one of the branches on the school building.

    Love your blog title and it's 'why.' :)

  6. What wonderful shadows..nice to see the ground without snow..
    Happy SSS..

  7. Wonderful! You have to love the shadows that trees make. Thanks!

  8. Shadows ~ so simple, easily overlooked, until now.

    I've started to pay closer attention to shadows and what is casting them.

  9. great selection here.. I like that stark one on the way in to school..


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