Sunday, February 15, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday #39

How fast the week as flown. Shadow Shot Sunday sure came around very fast this week. The weather has been so overcast or rainy that I had not had a chance to take my camera in hunt of Shadows this week. I had been searching my archives hoping to find something I could post without success. Suddenly, the first real bit of sunshine all week hit my window, so I grabbed my camera and went out into the yard.

I captured these shots in my neighbors yard. I really liked the way the windmill reflected on the shed wall. The checkerboard of tree shadows were caused by one small tree in my yard and a massive one in the yard behind us. Both casting shadows in another neighbors yard.

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  1. Great SS's love the windmill..we don't see many of those any more :D

  2. Love that windmill - great shadow and great capture!

  3. i love your shadow shots!


  4. What beautiful shadows..Lovely..
    Happy SSS..

  5. Grab those shadows the header and the story that goes with...yes, trees do fall in can a Banyan tree not be in love with the beauty of it's neighbor...beautiful!


  6. THOSE shadows are PERFECT... what time of day was it???

  7. Really like that first shot of the wind pump..they are so photogenic aren't they??

  8. Love the way the windmill casts its shadow on the shed, great shot.

  9. love the windmill

    I also love the background color of your blog - so restful, easy on the eyes


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