Friday, January 08, 2010

Monday Photo Shoot #71 --- Weather

Carly, over at Ellipsis is the host of the meme "Monday Photo Shoot." Each Monday she issues a new photo challenge and her assignment this week was "show me the weather in your neck of the woods as it looks this week." Well I could have stepped outside my front door and snapped a few shots but you would not have seen much of our weather since I live on a busy corner that is usually turned into piles of black soot in no time. Due to snow and frigid temperatures the Old Salt and I have been staying indoors. But, today the necessity to restock the larder had us climbing into our boots and venturing out into our version of the North Pole. Not hard to imagine with a wind chill well below zero.

I took all of these shots between two and four this afternoon. This first shot will show you the temp registered by the bank sign that sits just down the block as we began our Arctic adventure. Next we slid our way over to the old house to collect our mail and where the Old Salt, having spent forty years in California, did something he never expected to have to do again. He shoveled the driveway.

This shot shows all the icy stalactites that are forming on the limestone bluffs overlooking the roadway near our supermarket.

Once we returned home the Old Salt let "Boo" one of our house cats venture out into the snow on our patio where he did a fast turnaround and came inside to nurse his frozen paws.

To get a great look at the weather around the world this week, or just join in the fun. pop over to Carly's blog.


  1. Nice photos...I would have loved to shot some images of the weather around here, but today was the first day we got out since I was forced to stay inside for a whole week due to my illness! The answer to your question on what lights I used...those were rope lights that we had purchased at Wal-Mart back in 2001. I really do not know where you could get that today due to the "eco-friendly" lights that are being sold. We have the rope lights in yellow, green and red.

  2. B-b-b-b-brrrrr! And the wind-chill~~OY! Wish folks round here would keep their pets in. The cats are wandering all about, especially. Great pics( I'm partial to the frozen water on those rocks!)

  3. I'd LOVE to be there, helping shovel that driveway! Already, our temps are back in the 70's n' I'm mourning not being able to wear my sweaters and parka.

  4. Hi Rita :)

    Wonderful photos! I love the one of the kitty looking back at his paw prints! I have always wanted it to snow really good where I am so I could see my cats reaction to it, but alas... it hasn't happened yet! Maybe someday. I also loved the shot of the snow and ice on the Limestone. Hon, I would love to see that one displayed larger on your blog, it's stunning! Thanks for joining us this week, and showing us what it's like in your neck of the woods.


  5. I felt the chill just looking over those snow!

  6. WOW and I thought 14 at night was cold. brrrr

  7. My goodness, that's cold! I can hardly imagine it, although I know there are places in the U.S. where it has been much colder. I love the picture of your kitty (I'm a cat person) in the snow and back inside, nursing his paw. All the pics are great, though. Good job!

  8. I clicked on the picture of 'Icy Stalactites' and was totally awed by the photograph that emerged.
    This is a moment in time truly frozen before you opened the shutter of your camera, yet this photograph portrays the movement of water.

    A great picture.


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