Monday, March 29, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday--- I did it

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Apparently Blogger has been suffering today with some type of problem. I have been trying all day to download my photos. Finally it has worked and I can now ask all of you good folks out in yellowland to give me your best advice. After doing hours of research on what colors are the current trend for painting my front door. And figuring out which colors give the best Fung Shway. I did it. I painted our front door yesterday.

I took dozens of photos in different lighting and all are actually a tad darker then the actual color. The bottom corner in the sunlight is actually the closest match.

I decided I wanted a bold but cheerful color. I also wanted a color that no one else in our complex had to make it easier for guest to find us among the plethora of doors in this condo complex. So I picked a bright Marigold shade. Here is where you come in. The Old Salt does not like the color at all. He would rather I painted the door a chinese red. But, If I insist on following the decorating trends and painting the door yellow, he has suggested I either add some white to the leftover paint and redo the door in a toned down shade. Or, better still, purchase a new can of paint to match this paint sample that he downloaded from the web. We have agreed to to leave the decision up to all of you, the knowledgeable and savvy folks in Mellow Yellow-ville. So what say you? Do we leave it as it is, or change it to color A. a toned down version of the current color, or B. the pale yellow sample?

I will show you the finished door with the winning color next week On MYM.

Thanks all for the help.


  1. Too bad that old salt don't like it. Our computer room is that color. I thought it was bright at first until we moved the furnitures back in.t The room doesn't look so bad as I thought it would. Yellow door is very inviting and realtors says it'll sell the house fast. I said"ya right!". Have a good day and enjoy your week and your yellow door.LOL. Nancy

  2. Hmmm ... forth and back; up n' down with my cursor wheel. You may remember, yellow's my favorite color in the spectrum.
    I think this (as is) speaks of your sunny personality, and I say "go bold!" Seriously, it seems like a nicer contrast to the brick siding than the paler version.
    But what do I know? Sorry, Frank!

  3. Great post
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  6. My vote is leave it the colour you painted it. It says come on in. Welcome! It is fresh and bright. Be bold. Valerie

  7. Hey there,
    I got to agreed with the old salt on this one the color is a little bright. I love yellow but I think that is a little much. I do like that you are doing something different.

  8. Marvelous sunny yellow door!!! Glad Blogger finally cooperated. It can be so frustrating at times.
    Hugs and blessings,
    Sacred Ruminations


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