Friday, June 26, 2009

June scavenger hunt

Kristi is the host of the Sweetsauer Photo Hunt. This is a monthly scavenger hunt for a select group of items she lists each month. I discovered her blog last month but it was too late to gather all the shots. I could not wait to join all the fun this month.

I am posting this a little early because I have out of state house guest arriving and I know I will be to busy to get on the computer until they leave. I will do my best to check out everyones entries as time permits.

I lucked out and managed to capture most of the needed shots during our trip to visit my brother at his cabin in the Missouri Ozark's two weeks ago.
Enlarge for best detail.

1. A View from Above (looking down)---- Crawdad pulled from Table Rock Lake.

2. A Macro Shot --- Black walnut pod on the ground.

3. Laughter--- My only surviving uncle and his wife laughing at one of my sister's stories.

4. Relaxation--- Chilling on the dock while the kiddies swim

5. A Celebration--- My grandson's thirteenth birthday. He choose where we would have lunch.

6. A Sunset--- Taken from my back deck one day last week.

7. Sun/Lens Flare---through the trees.

8. A Bridge --- Bridge crossing an inlet of Table Rock Lake

9. A Shadow--- the Old Salt on the teeter totter with the nieces

10. A Garden--- Neighbor' s vegetable garden. I should retake this shot because since I took this one it has tripled in size. There is almost no dirt showing for the plants now. Amazing what a couple weeks will do.

11. A Park---looking across Lyons Lake which sits in the middle of the 96 acre Hillermann Park

12. A Street Scene---- Antiquing in old St. Genevieve, Mo. with my mother and a friend. I am in blue, Mom in pink

13. Signage--- I live in the heart of Missouri wine country. This billboard sits in a field full of grape vines near the exit to one of our best wineries. St. James Winery.

14. A Summer Activity--- fishing from the dock. This shot includes 4 nieces and 2 great-nieces.

15. A Summer Treat--- Ice Cream, what better treat.

16. Earth --- Taken where the highway dept. is widening a road near my home.

17. Air/ Wind--- flying flags are the best way I know to capture the wind.

18. Fire--- campfire at the lake ready for the smore's

19. Water--- Table Rock Lake---wake from passing boats hitting shore.

20. Something Vintage (pre-1980)--- old tractor and trailer parked outside the bakery the other morning.

21. Something Made of Glass--- a view in the looking glass. My daughter getting a hair cut.

22. Something Made of Wood. Hauling a large board home in a small car.

23 Something that Floats--- power boat on Table Rock Lake

24. Something Railroad Related--- Do folks still ride the rails? Not in these boxcars I'm sure.

25. Something round--- the first round house I have ever seen. Only a short hop from my brother's cabin.

To visit the other participants of this month's scavenger hunt or to join next month's adventure visit


  1. Looks like you had a good time down at Table Rock - I haven't been there in several years. Now I want a smores - I'll have to settle for a rice krispie treat from the vending machine :(

  2. Your sun flare & park shots are so peaceful. =)

  3. Sun flare is my favourite one too! You had fun doing this, didn't you?

  4. Nice pictures! My favorite is The Park.

  5. I agree.. the sun flare was a great shot.

    I also joined the hunt and my results can be seen HERE. If you have the time, please visit as well. Thanks!

  6. It's amazing the things you pay attention to when you're doing a scavenger hunt like this, isn't it? I loved your sun flare and street scene. Good job!

  7. great shots! the park was my favorite but they were all very cool!

  8. I love the sun flare and that round house is very interesting. Nicely done.

  9. My favorite is the fire! Lots of good shots though... it's clear you enjoyed yourself!

  10. i love number 11 th emost. It was such fun wasnt it collecting the pics :) I thoroughly enjoyed myself

  11. My favourite is number 23. The boat seems almost flying! Good job with all the photos!

  12. Love the park, sunflare and many others! Great job and thanks for playing! Stay tuned for the next Photo Hunt Challenge in August!

  13. What fun photos! I love the shot of the park - so very peaceful an serene! :)

  14. Laughter, sunset, sunflare and park are my favorites! :) Well done.


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