Monday, July 27, 2009

Mellow Yellow and Blue Monday come together

I have an extremely heavy schedule this week and my computer time will be very limited so I am going to do a two-fer for today.
I have a photo that will be perfect for both Mellow Yellow and Blue Monday.

The picture below is of my eighty-three year old Mother. The photo was taken at Silver Dollar City in Branson Missouri. My sister insisted that Mom pose in this costume because Mom's maiden name is Griffin.

And, yes I know that the emblem is a rampant lion. But, I learned years ago that many people confuse it with a griffin. Apparently, my sister is one of them.

MY mother still rides a bicycle to church (7 miles round trip) and won 14 gold medals in the last senior Olympics. She is now in training for the upcome senior events. Mom wants to beat her last years record time of 2 min: 21 sec in the 100 meter swim.

Just so you will understand just how remarkable this lady is I have added a picture taken on her eightieth birthday with her thirteen children. When you add the spouses and children you have a total of 75 family members.

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  1. your 80 yr old mom rides 7 miles every Sunday? and competes in the senior Olympics? and aims to beat her time? Holy Crow! I'm completely impressed and believe me - I'll be feeling just a eeny bit of peer pressure when I'm trying to come up with a reason to skip my walk tomorrow. Wow!

  2. To borrow a line, "I'll have whatever SHE's having!" What a great example!!!

    (Thanks for the head's up re. your busy schedule, so we don't get worried about-cha!)


  3. Most impressive Mom ... What a lovely family ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  4. Your mom is Super Mom! Happy Blue Monday!

  5. What a family. That was a joyous post. Thanks

  6. The knight-in-training
    readies her horse for the joust—
    drapes him in yellow!

  7. Wow! so impressive! good for her! She knows how to live!


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