Saturday, March 07, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday 42

I have a busy day planned for tomorrow so I wanted to get my Sunday Shadow shots posted early. First I would like to introduce you to the two felines that own our residence. First is Velvet a lazy 14 lb. tortoise shell seen here napping in the sunshine coming in our office door.
Next is Boo, a tiger stripe who is rapidly outgrowing his kitten stage and the most daring and mischievious of the two.
Following or some shots of Boo's adventures out on the deck yesterday while his sister napped in the sun.

For more great shadow shots click the camera badge to visit Hey Harriet and join in the fun.


  1. Oh, those are just terrific! They're soooo cute! Great shadows! Have a great weekend!

  2. And they are wondering what the heck is stuck to your face...cute shots!

  3. What great kittys! I have a calico cat too - just as big!!
    Wonderful feline shadows!

    HA! my word verification is CATur - pretty funny for your post!

  4. Kitties are always appropiate for SSS! We have two and we love them so.


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