Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Theme Thursday-- Animals

Sunday afternoon while doing my favorite thing……surfing blogs, I came across another interesting meme. Okay, I hear you saying “Oh no, not another meme.” But, hang tight for a minute and give it a chance. You might like it . It is called “Theme Thursday.” The host of this meme posts a theme for each week and on Thursday you post about that week’s subject any way you like. There is only one rule, have fun with the theme.

This week’s theme is “Animals.” I almost decided to wait until next week to join because animals and I often do not get along. I really had to give this some thought. Sure, I could just post some photographs. I have great ones of my sister’s two St. Bernard dogs and of our housecats. And, I have even more of animals at the zoo.

That way no one would know I am not tight with critters. I expect this admission might get me booed off the blogasphere, but here goes my best effort on today’s subject of animals.

Growing up with twelve siblings there were strays of all sorts being brought home. My dad once brought home a pet skunk. For years, we lived in a rural area and depended on our cow, chickens, hogs and domestic rabbits, as well as anything that could be hunted, trapped or caught, to keep our family fed. When I married, my husband left his parent’s home with one suitcase of clothing and a cat. My daughter had everything from fish and hamsters to dogs. So, I have always lived with animals.

Sure, I take care of the ones that are my responsibility but I do not actively seek to spend time with them. I must put out some vibe or scent that attracts them to me however; but mostly not in a good way, so over the years I lost my love of animals, at least the ones that are alive. Let me share some of my history with critters large and small: As a child I was often tormented by my brothers. They chased me with crawdads, lizards, mice or any bug they thought would send me into a panic. One of my teenage chores was caring for our chickens. Whenever I entered the chicken pen, the old rooster tried to peck my ankles and make sneak attacks at my head. When it was time to catch the hens for Sunday dinner, that rogue rooster would go wild. Once I was so intimated by the exuberance of his attack, I locked myself in the hen house. I was sure he intended to peck my eyes out.

One summer I was going to have the rare treat of being home alone for the entire day. I had great plans for that day. I was alone for no longer than it took me to breathe a sigh of relief when I found myself jumping on top of my dresser to escape a huge black snake that had somehow found its way to the warmth of a patch of sunlight on my bedroom floor. That snake sure spoiled my day. I ended up stuck on that dresser until the family returned without even a book for company. My brothers caught the snake and measured it at more than six feet.

During my senior class trip, I had my first and only horseback ride. I made the mistake of going on that trail ride barefoot and dressed in a bathing suit. I also had the bad luck of being assigned the only horse that could not find its own way back to the stable. I was taken on a runaway adventure that left me terribly sunburned with feet and thighs rubbed raw and muscles so sore I could hardly move for several days.

In 2006 my daughter was living with me when she got my grandson a kitten for Christmas. By January the “Old Salt” and I had decided to marry and, in the rush to find a new place to live, my daughter rented an apartment that did not allow pets. I inherited the kitten named Velvet, which took an extreme liking to me and demanded constant attention. My new hubby, who was not a cat person, found himself competing with the cat for my time. He decided the answer was to adopt another kitten to provide companionship for Velvet. Soon Boo moved into our little bungalow.

No, we can’t take the credit or the blame for the names our cats have. They both came to us already endowed with the handles they have. We quickly learned that, regardless of the number of cats in your home, you do not own them. They own you.
After two years, we both have to admit we have become cat people. But, regardless of my current relationship with my feline housemates, I still prefer my animals to be of the knickknack, chotskie or keepsake variety.

Below are a few that have great sentimental attachment for me.

This beauty is pine needles made into rope then sewn into the owl shape. I have had him for 30 years.

To see more of the great animal post or to join the fun visit Theme Thursday


  1. Welcome to theme Thrusday! Yes, it seems that animals know who likes them the least and that is the person they most want to be with.

  2. welcome to TT. great stories... i can imagine being trapped on the dresser by the snake, must have been a long day! Had a friend who raised a fam of skunks as well, funny!

  3. Hi Cashjocky. Glad to have you aboard. Love the St. Bernard puppies! A nieghbour had one, when I was about 5. Grew up almost over-night!( the puppy,not me :0 )And I'll not start on snakes. Too many stories, there. And you're right about the cats!

  4. snakes... arggggh ! Nice turtle pics... The one in a plant, is it in ceramic ?r

  5. Twelve siblings?!?

    I think that I'd struggle in such a big pack.

    One seemed hard enough!

  6. Great first theme thursday post along with great pictures.Loved the dogs and cats,two by two :)

  7. Amen Cashjocky ~ I'm not much on animals either!

  8. Nice pics of the pets.
    I like that turtle!

  9. Thanks for joining in!

    It is so, so true that the cat owns you, you don't own the cat.

    And even though I only have 3 siblings, there were plenty cousins and neighbors always 'round, so I can so sympathize with how upset you must have been to lose your alone time! That's so wrong!!

  10. Welcome!
    I can see why you might not like animals, but it sounds like you are enjoying your cats. I like your collection of inanimate objects.


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