Friday, March 27, 2009

Photo Hunt --- Hands

Saturday is upon us and it is a cold and very rainy day in my part of Missouri. Fortunately, for me I have my blogs to keep me busy. I came across this meme called Photo Hunters where you post original photos on a weekly theme each Saturday. Today's theme is hands. Having never joined this meme before I did not know what to expect and since it has hundreds of followers I figured I would have a tough time trying to be unique, so I decided to just post all the hands that we met last Wednesday while the Old Salt and I were out running our errands.

First we had to get the oil changed in the car so we met Bob, the manager. Joe the mechanic and Rebecca the cashier.

Then we took a lunch break were Angie made our sandwich. Carol was in line if front of us and she had just come from the hospital where she had surgery on her arm. Randy was behind me in line and seemed very relaxed about the long wait.

This is me waiting at the dentist office followed by Jane who was in the next chair and was nice enough to let me photograph her tension and next is the receptionist Donna. Last is my dentist Kim working on Jane.

Next we have the Old Salt as he gears up to work on our bathroom redo followed by both of our hands showing solidarity.

To join in the fun or just enjoy all the hand shots visit


  1. Well these are fabulous photos for the theme. Welcome to the hunt, it is fun. I went with a Hawaiian theme this week.

    Mine is up over at Flo's Place.

  2. My favorites are of you at the dentist and the clenched fist... these are the exact expressions of tension and frustration that I have at the dentist too. He did have armrests on his chairs didn't he? I went to one who did not... when I asked, he said they told him it was the latest thing and that his patients would be relaxed.... Of course, I looked at this young guy with an incredulous look and said... "AND YOU BELIEVED THEM?!?!?!?!? Should have left right then... before the root canal.

    Mine is up here.

  3. Welcome to the Photohunt. I love what you did, what a fun idea!

  4. Great photos, isn't it a good theme?!


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