Saturday, March 14, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday

SSS (Shadow Shot Sunday) has rolled around again and this week I had to go hunting through the archives for shadows. Bad weather prevented my getting out shadow hunting. I do ask everyone's forgiveness though because I'm afraid that all I could come up with were snow shots and one of the shadow being case in the kitchen window across a stack of the fresh baked cookies while doing our Christmas cookie baking.

For more great shadow shots click the camera badge to visit Hey Harriet and join in the fun.


  1. No need to apologise for anything because these shots are great. Love the snow shadows. And anything that includes freshly baked cookies gets me excited ;D

    Thank goodness for our photo archives when the sun is being sneaky!

  2. That sure is a yummy stack! Hope your spring isn't far away, Gina x

  3. Mmmmm, what a way to warm the house on a chilly morning. I'm going shadow shooting with the dog this morning...spring is showing up at my door!

  4. Nice shots! The cookies smell great. And I really like the internal frame in that second shot.

  5. These are absolutely beautiful shadows shots! And the cookies look delicious! We woke up to snow -- again this morning, but have to admit it was beautiful because of the size of the snowflakes! They are HUGE! Thanks for lovely pics! Happy SSS!

  6. Yup, we're really upset to see those Christmas cookies. Really. Now where did I leave that box of Krusteaz sugar cookie mix? Great recovery. Sometimes they're the best.


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