Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ruby Tuesday--Behind the red door

Welcome to the latest edition of Ruby Tuesday where we try to capture that perfect touch of red in our camera lenses. Just down the block from my home is a building that the Old Salt and I often walk past on our nightly romps around town. I just love the colors of the door and often wonder what use to be in the building because it has a window that seems out of place. Seldom do we see anything but the young boys heading into their martial arts class. But, recently I thought I saw something unusual and started snapping pictures as I approached the sidewalk. So, my entry this week comes with a question? Can you make out what is hiding behind the red door?

We are a bit too far away at this point.

Is this a little better?
NO? Perhaps this will help.

Have you figured it out now. Hiding behind the Red door is a very cute little girl with a RED telephone

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  1. The girl with the red teli is adorable! Wonder what she's up to:)

  2. Nice catch. Just wondering what does the owner think. Such nice wall and such ugly door- and windowframes. Yikes! You have a great week and happy RT!

  3. How cute, with her very own red phone! It certainly is an interesting building. The window looks like it was for a fast food restaurant or something.

  4. The building use to be a grocery store. The service window was for a walk up lunch counter.

  5. Rita, looks to me like a day care for toddlers. The RED and yellow colors give it away. But that window looks like it once served people who came up to it on the street... Happy Ruby Tuesday!


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