Thursday, April 21, 2011

Automobiles is my "A" word of the week.

Alphabe Thursday has come full circle. The last post completed the twenty-sixth letter of the Alphabet so this week we start over with the letter "A". I really didn't want to go for the obvious and rejected airplanes, apples and automobiles, but, after a long search of my photos realized that I just couldn't resist doing automobiles. I have several shots of cars I have been wanting to share for a while now and this is the perfect chance, even if my "A" word is one I expect to be very popular this week.
The Old Salt hates for me to make collages of my photos, so please forgive me if you happen to feel the same way about them. But, I fear that using several collages is the only way to reduce the size of the post.
One day at the beginning of this school year my sister called asking if I could pick up her exchange student for her. I arrived a little early and while I waited I noticed this car on the faculty parking lot and snapped a couple of shots. The windows were covered in yellow post-it notes. I later learned the students were pulling a prank on one of the teachers who happens to like pulling practical jokes on his students.
While visiting my sister in Omaha I photographed this old station wagon parked on the street outside my BIL's office. The car has a handicapped tag on the mirror and animal print seat covers to go with the fancy paint job. If I could have waited for the drivers return I would have expected it to be an old hippie gentleman with a full bread and ponytail carrying a guitar case.

On one of our gadabouts we found this group of antique automobiles parked at the rest stop we pulled into. I watched as the drivers had a conference on the sidewalk and snapped a few shots as the motorcade rounded the curved drive headed for the freeway. I assumed they were members of a car club headed to a show.

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Jenny Matlock
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  1. A couple of months ago, up in the English Lake District, we spotted a whole series of vintage sports cars. We assume that they belonged to a club and were out driving the district.

  2. The teacher has a whole lot of notes to read. What a prank!

  3. I love the sticky note prank! So harmless, easy to clean up and funny! and that wagon...well. I am glad it is not mine! I don't mind collage posts from time to time!!! Sometimes people do over use them and I get tired of trying to find all the gems in the collages! Yours, was perfect

  4. Too funny about the post-it notes. I loved your take on A because, as you know, we love cars.

  5. I can see why you couldn't resist. GREAT photos of some really neat cars.

    And yes, the sticky note thing is perfect.


  6. Great shots..

    They just don't make them like they used to!

  7. Love that old station wagon . I remember my dad owned something similar to that but that is well, groovy babay :) The other hirst looking cars lol are cool too .

  8. Collage or singly, I'm glad you chose to show your photo collection of automobiles. The cars were nice and fun to check out.

  9. Sticky notes!! The invention of the century!!!! I love this post!

  10. I loved the "hippie" mobile. Animal print seat covers and all. We don't see these kinds of auto's up here in Northern Canada. With all the salt on the roads in winter they just don't last.

  11. This was a cool link. I was wondering about those post-it notes.

    I think the mosaics are a great way to show a bunch of pictures at one time.

    I enjoyed your collection of photos here.

    Thanks for sharing it.



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