Thursday, April 07, 2011

Friends of Wings

Recently, we visited a large shopping mall and found these butterflies decorating the courtyard.

I thought they were lovely and made a nice spring statement. When I got home, I visited the website I found attached to one of the butterflies and learned they were more than decorations.

The butterflies were part of a fundraising event for a local children's charity called "Wings". The "Friends of Wings" had these plain white butterflies made and sold them to anyone who wanted to decorate one and donate it back to the charity to be auctioned off for the charity.

Sixty butterflies were purchased by area corporations, merchants, artists and civic groups. The decorated butterflies have been placed in busy locations around the city. These three were at the mall. In May all the butterflies will be on display in one location and auctioned off.

I would love to have one for my garden, but I fear that bidding will be way out of my reach.

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  1. Those are just gorgeous Rita. We've seen fundraisers like that in other cities (ducks in Eugene, horses in Louisville, cows someplace I forgot)....but these are the loveliest I've ever seen. I would want to purchase one of these too (but am absolutely positive I couldn't even afford to start the bidding) .. but I wasn't even tempted by those we've seen before -- I mean who WANTS a decorated statue of a cow forever and ever? But a butterfly -- wow. If I had money -- and oh yeah, if I had a yard ;>) I'd really love one of these.

  2. That is wonderful. Our area does the bears.

  3. We are fortunate you captured these lovely signs of hope, and delved into their significance. They bring a smile to the face and to the spirit. I have seen the long-horn cattle in TX -- but definitely wouldn't want one of those in my garden ... ahhh, but a butterfly - that is a different story ... sign of renewing hope and spirit! Thank you for "catching" these images ...


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