Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Just in the Right Spot at the Right Time

I never leave home without my camera. You never know what you will find when out and about. Following are a couple of shots containing red that were totally unexpected.

The neighboring town of Herman, Missouri has quite a few wineries and the city just got a new red tour bus to transport the patrons between the sites. We just happen to catch it parked outside the old city opera house (which has been turned into a restaurant) when leaving after a dinner with friends. I was surprised that the photo came out this well since it was taken well after dark with just the light on the parking lot.

I shot this photo during our last snow storm the end of March. A icy hill caused a detour or I would never have seen this red glazing ball. I liked the way the reflections played in the ball and the color stood out in the snow.

I am linking this post to Ruby Tuesday and Rednesday.

Mary at "Work of the Poet" hosts Ruby Tuesday. Rednesday is a Wednesday meme hosted by Sue at "It's a Very Cherry World." Both memes are dedicated to the color red. To join the fun or just check out what Red others are excited to share visit Mary and her friends at Ruby Tuesdayand Sue and her friends from Rednesday


  1. oh, what is that gazing ball doing there? straight out of Farmville ;-)

    Red in Boracay

  2. I loved the gazing balls reflection too. We went on a winery tour this past weekend but their bus was white...lol...

  3. The red ball really stands out against the snow. (I hope the snow has melted by now!)


    I’m heels over head
    In love with Red,
    There’s nothing that I won’t do
    To let you all know
    I love Red so—
    Nothing, of course, against you!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Smidgen of Playground Red

  4. Lovely glazing ball, my father in law has one like that but in blue color.

    Ruby Tuesday at my page, hope you can come and see. Have a nice day!

  5. Same here!! And your find is beautiful!!

  6. I was thrilled to find this site, I mean, I like the red, but the back story is half the fun...

  7. Well, everyone else seems to love the gazing ball, but for me that bus is a true beauty!

  8. We went on the Herman wine tours once; but didn't get to ride on a snazzy red bus like that!

  9. Glad you had your camera with you. These are both great for REDnesday. I am the same way. I never leave home without my digital.

  10. Really perfect for today..happy Rednesday.

    Mine is here

  11. Wonderful red pics ! I like to take my camera with me , too.


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