Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What a difference a day makes.

Outside of town on Highway 94 sits a small old barn that I pass rather offen. This barn sits close to the road at the edge of a large soybean field. I have tried to take a photo of this building dozens of times, but, my shots have always needed to be snapped through the windshield of the moving car. Road conditions prevent stopping to take the shot. Of the many shots I have snapped, I only have two I would care to share.

This shot was taken at sunset this past winter.

This one was shot two weeks ago on a very gloomy afternoon.

The season and time of day certainly give the old barn a different feeling.

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  1. I like the sunset one. I feel your pain. I so often see a perfect shot as I am driving down the road, and there is no good place to stop. :)

  2. The first photo of the barn almost looks light there is a light in the first window. Really good.

  3. Those shots turned out pretty good for taken it through a window.

  4. I like both shots...We see barns close to the road like that here in Southwest Wisconsin all the time.

  5. Very charming and the skies is gorgeous!!

  6. Thanks for stopping by. The deer are "white" White tail deer, not true albinos. We are blessed with a herd of them here. They have made their home on an old army depot that was closed long ago and have been somewhat protected over the years...enough that the herd is big enough that they do allow hunting via lottery. Their future is uncertain, though as there are talks of selling off the depot. I have probably told you more than you wanted to know ; )

  7. If the car was moving when you shot these then I really AM impressed.


  8. Oh what a cute lil guy & the sky is beautiful in both shots, but the 1st one really adds to the feel... thanks so much! =)

    I apologize for taking so long to visit, but the flood situation in this area has me busy out shooting the scenery! =0

  9. I do so love the sky in that first one!!!!

  10. Nice photos! Whenever I see an old barn, I always wonder about the history of it.


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