Monday, May 04, 2009

Mellow Yellow Monday ---- Lemon Buffet

Welcome to this weeks edition of Mellow Yellow Monday. I hope that you are ready to overload on the assortment of yummy lemony snaps I have for you today. I know that this is overkill but what the heck! Seems that yellow must be this years favorite color because it just keeps jumping out at me. I managed to get all of these shots in the last week and I already have more yellow in my archives then I have weeks to post it. Therefore, I decided to just serve up all the goodies instead of filling my pantry with them.


Yes there was a girl with two broken arms. It happen in a accident in PE class at school.

To join the fun or just enjoy all the mellow yellow shots visit


  1. These are nice shots. All in yellow

  2. Whoa! LOL Your life is in yellow overload! haha

    That's amazing, really ... that you ran into that much yellow in one week! And had your camera with you.

    I like the 4 F's tshirt. But the sign on the tree would be hard to read from a car ... haha.

    Great stuff!

  3. Great collection! Lil' bit overkill but it's such a lovely color. Happy MYM!

  4. WOW you really were on an mission to get all the yellow you could. Out standing, I didn't find my yellow until just a few hours ago!


  5. Great really did find alot of yellow...I like all the yellow presents...and the train...I had to look twice at the arm casts! And that fast food overhead menu is such subtle you had alot of fun finding all of these...


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