Thursday, May 28, 2009

Theme Thursday ---suitcase

We have returned from our vacation and I have hundreds of new snapshots. Now I just need the right time and place to use them. Regrettably, no were in all those shots or my archives was a photo of a suitcase. So I had to dig out the one I am writing about. I did a web search and found a copy of an original ad from 1951 that appears to be the same set that I owned. So I have included it as well.

Merriam Webster defines a train case as a small boxlike piece of luggage used especially for toilet articles. These cases were most popular between the 1920’s and the early 1950’s. Mine was made sometime around 1950 and is the sole survivor from what was once a four piece set of snow white, hard-sided luggage made by Samsonite.

As the daughter of an auctioneer, who ran several auction barns and resale shops, it was not unusual for a gift to have had a past life. My parents presented me with a gently used set of luggage, as my high school graduation gift. In 1964 luggage was a traditional graduation gift and my parents were nothing if not traditional, when they knew that others would make comparisons. The small fact that my gift was secondhand would, of course, never be revealed.

My lonely train case is now aged to a soft yellow and covered in scuffmarks. The once gold trim has long since worn away. It sits on the top shelf of my closet and holds what few keepsakes I have left from my youth.

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  1. Interesting that. Luggage for graduation. But mighty handy as one prepares to leave the nest, wot? And like the last lonely piece; all full of past keepsakes. Kinda lke having your own personal time capsule. That's wonderful! And kudos on the advert.

    I've been back going on three weeks and still have yet to finish editing photos! OY! Will be fun seeing yours, Rita :)

  2. I got luggage for graduation too! I'm sure my mother was hoping it lead me from home. Mine was lavender which was fine for me, but when I got married, my husband wasn't so thrilled. Nice vintage pieces and I enjoyed the old poster.

  3. the scuff marks and yellowing give it character adn show it has been well used. welcome back! hope you had fun!

  4. Nice post. Cozy little memories.

  5. I knew an auctioneer once and he was one of my favorite people;)

    At his auction barn you could fine anything from A-Z....his wife had the lunch counter and she could make a mean bowl of chili, and peach pie to die for;)

    I surely do miss those days!


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