Monday, September 14, 2009

Ruby Tuesday --- Red Rides

Welcome to Ruby Tuesday the day we show off our photos that contain some red.

This week I decided to show off some of the red vehicles around me. First we have an old fire truck that has been sitting in front of a corner house on one of the main streets near where I live for as long as I have lived in town.

This old fire truck sits down the block from one of my nieces. It was raining buckets the day I took this so the picture appears spotty.

Just outside the city limits you will find the home of Mid America Coaches. It is very rare to find this many of the buses parked in the yard at one time. They are usually all busy carrying charter groups on exciting adventures across the country.

I had scheduled a photo of our red Ford Freestyle in this next spot, as my way of letting everyone know that we were getting ready to depart on an extended trip across the country, so i would not be available to do any posting for a while. However we decided to trade it for something that gets better gas milage and our new HHR is not red. So I substituted this shot taken at the local flea market. The red toys of some past boyhood.

I will be back in about a month so have a great time everyone while I am gone. For more things red, or to join the fun visit Ruby Tuesday at WORK Of THE POET


  1. Love the Red Rides.
    See you when you get back! Have a safe trip.
    Sunny :)

  2. Have a fabulous time whilst you are away. I will miss your posts over the coming weeks but look forward to loads of photos and stories when you get back.

  3. Old red fire engine,
    how many conflagrations
    have you extinguished?

    My Ruby Tuesday

  4. Hi Rita -- you are long gone now and having fun. Good for you, enjoy it all!
    I might not have left a comment here, I came to tell you good by because of your latest posting.
    But those red vehicles are the best! I had a red car also, it was a RED 1950 Mercury Convertible all restored and driving.
    If you want to see it when you come back, just do a Ruby Tuesday click label and you will see it just a little ways down.


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