Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Ruby Tuesday --- The Top Spinner

Welcome to Ruby Tuesday the day we show off our photos that contain some red. My ruby shots today were taken during my last visit to a place called Turtle Park.

Whenever I have out of town guests, one of the St. Louis sights I like to take them to is Turtle Park. Turtle Park is a small playground that contains lots of cement turtles from tiny to very large that you can climb on. Children love to play there and adults enjoy taking photos of each other on the turtles. I plan to do a post on the park some day soon. Normally, you would not find anything red in the park, unless one of the visitors was wearing a red shirt or driving a cool red car.

On my last visit to Turtle Park, however, we met and were entertained by an elderly gentleman from China who had fantastic skills with tops he had made himself. His largest top could be made to spin very fast and he would throw it in the air and catch it in his free hand. He then transfered it to a pen with a depression in the top to hold the spinning top. When he handed it to one of the watching children and the child felt the power of the spinning top through the makeshift handle , the child's eyes would light up in amazement and wonder. He happened to be wearing red and most of his tops had some red in them. Here are the shots I took that day.

Have a great week everyone and for more things red, or to join the fun visit Ruby Tuesday at WORK Of THE POET


  1. Nice pictures. Sounds like a great park.

  2. When the top spinner
    plies his art in Turtle Park,
    everyone watches.

    My Ruby Tuesday

  3. I've seen him at an International Festival at the local community college....he pretty darn good with his tops!

  4. Allen, the gentleman with his limited English and push cart full of tops was better than every cement turtle in the park.

  5. Looks like a really fun time..great pics!


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