Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Theme Thursday---Rhythm

Time for Theme Thursday. The theme this week is Rhythm. Rhythm is a subject I know nothing about. I am not the least bit musical. I have posted before about how I needed two years of chorus in high school to get the required music credits. About a month into the first semester the nun who taught the course kept me after class and explained that my voice was ruining her choir. Sister offered to give me a B as my grade if I agreed to complete all the written work, never miss class and lip sync all my vocals.

While I may sing like a old rusty hinge I do happen to have some very talented family members, This year one of my brother-in-laws arranged some entertainment for our family reunion by inviting some of his musician friends to come and join him in a jam session. I took these pictures of the musicians doing their thing.

All of the instruments on the table are antiques owned and played by the woman in the photos. She also plays piano and organ and teaches music at the local high school.

The fiddle player has played with a number of famous artists and since retiring prefers to play in pick-up sessions like this one.

We all had a great time listening to their jam session and I was amazed that one of them could name a song or start playing a tune and the others joined in as if they had been doing it together for years.

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  1. Sit in a small boat, you'll soon pick up a rhythm!

  2. Rita, nice( listening to Peter Noone and Herman's Hermits ). Luckily I didn't need the music credits and the jam session sounds like a great time, judging from the instruments :)

  3. Ah the pics are lovely lol

    Happy TT

  4. love a good fiddle...ah....wonderfu; pics as well. i hope you have a great thursday.

  5. Hah! Fun - when I clicked over to your blog, your music player started Herman's Hermits with "Something Tells Me I'm Into Something Good"... Love it!

  6. Enjoyable post and music. Thanks.

  7. What a fun post ... my DH (Tom) is sure to enjoy.
    Sometimes I think it's so weird, I'm married to a former professional musician (sax and keyboards), and I can't read a note of music ... in spite of having to endure piano and violin lessons for more years than I want to remember.

    Sounds like your chorus teacher was awfully mean-spirited ... heck with her, anyway!

  8. Surely you have enough rhythm to tap your foot and clap your hands . .I believe everyone has rhythm . .some just have more than others.


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