Sunday, September 13, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday -- odd shadows

Shadow Shot Sunday has arrived once again. This week I have an odd mixture of shadows captured over the last few weeks.

First we have the headless shadows of a couple of folks who where waiting in line to take a tram ride during the Senior Trail Day event held at our riverfront park this week for the elderly and disabled by the Rotary Club.

These next two shots were captured at the swimming pool during our recent family reunion. I'm not sure you will be able to identify the source of shadows though. I will enlighten you at the end.

This is the source of the first shadow. The second one is the shadow of the lifeguard tower. I failed to photograph the tower.

Have a great week everyone. For more great shadow shots click the camera badge to visit Hey Harriet and join in the fun.


  1. Great shadow shots! Particularly like the headless people! There are some out there who would do better without a head -- of course, I'm one of those from time to time.


  2. Great shadows! I guessed the second one correctly but didn't get the third. Have a good week!

  3. These are all great shadows! I really like how eclectic they are!

    Take care and have a super time away. See you when you get back :)xo

  4. Great shadows. Some of them kept me guessing for a while in order to work out what they were.


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