Sunday, October 25, 2009

mellow Yellow Monday ---- flashes of highway

Welcome everyone to this weeks edition of Mellow Yellow Monday.

I have noticed in my travels that no matter where we go the roadways, be they interstate highways or gravel country roads, seen to always have some for of plant life growing alongside them. Even the most arid desert roadways will have some form of grass, bush, or cactus that seems to grow wild for miles upon miles of roadway. Today I have chosen to share some of the yellow plant life I captured during our recent cross country travels. I can not identify any of these plants by name and they could just as easily be weeds as some yet undiscovered new species for all I know. But, I found them to be a ray of sunshine in some very dull and desolate landscapes. If you can name them then please let me know.

This first photos was taken along I-70 in Kansas and this plant could be seen along a few hundred miles of interstate.

This shot was taken at a rest stop in Colorado. But, I noticed it in patches all along the highway.

These yellow delights were captured in Nevada.

I found these yellow tinted cactus along the roadway in Arizona.

These little goodies were just everywhere along the interstate in New Mexico

Have a good week everyone. To join in the fun or visit other Mellow Yellow shots visit Drowsey Monkey and her friends here


  1. They are beautiful flowers...happy MYM!

  2. Little patches of sunshine, so pretty.
    I think the first picture is some kind of Daisy and the last picture looks like Goldenrod. I'm terrible with plant and flower names!
    Sunny :)

  3. Those yellow plants really brighten up the roadway, don't they. Nice captures and such a variety, too!

  4. Cactus next to the road!. You never get that in West Yorkshire! As always, great photographs, great post.

  5. G'evening ... Arizona checking in here!
    I'm clueless, but DH says the cactus (cacti?) look like "barrel cactus" variety. They get pink and yellow flowers on the top. Enjoyed all the photos!



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