Friday, October 30, 2009

Pink Saturday------ pink, pink and more pink

Welcome everyone to this weeks Pink Saturday. My shots for this week are some more of the photographs taken during our recent cross country travels.

I want to start off with this photo of one of the Old Salt's granddaughter's and her teammates, who were all decked out in pink, for their big win the day we attended their soccer game.

Next we have another granddaughter returning from her evening ride on a horse with a pink bareback saddle .

This pink pig hot air balloon was captured at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta.

I found this pink settee in the lobby of a small hotel in San Francisco.

My last pink capture for today is a San Francisco Victorian Row House all decked out in a coat of pink paint.

To join the fun or visit the other participates visit How Sweet the Sound click here.


  1. Oh Rita!
    Happy Pink Saturday sweetie. Looks like you have found many wonderful pinks on your cross country trip. What a wonderful time to spend together.

    I am still sorry that we were not home at the time you were passing through Phoenix. It would have been so wonderful to have gotten to meet you in person. I so hope you will pass this way again.

    Country hugs and love sweetie, Sherry

  2. Such wonderful pinks on your trip. That little piggie is just so sweet. Happy Pink Saturday and have a wonderful weekend.

  3. You have been busy as a bee and on the road. Looks like you are enjoying all the siteseeing and the places you have visited. Thankyou so much for the share, it is great. Happy Pink Saturday and if you are even in town, please let me know, Happy Halloween too, Char

  4. Hello Rita; Happy Pink Saturday;;

    Love all the Pretty Pink Photos...
    have a great weekend,


  5. Such nice pinks! Love your granddaughter on her horse! Happy Pink SAturday!

  6. How could you not love this post. It's full of gorgeous pinks and perfect for Pink Saturday. Happy Halloween.

  7. Such wonderful pinks on your trip. That little piggie is just so sweet. Happy Pink Saturday and have a wonderful weekend. Work From Home


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