Saturday, December 11, 2010

Pink Saturday -----Kutty Shak

Sorry I am so late in joining in the all the fun at pink Saturday this week. I'm afraid my hectic schedule of late and catching the Old Salt's cold finally did me in. I fell asleep in my recliner trying to watch one of my favorite shows last night and next I knew I was waking up in my bed eighteen hours later. Afraid I worried my dear hubby something terrible, he has never seen anyone sleep like that before. On top of that, I upset him by wanting to get my "Pink Saturday" posted before I would take time to eat the breakfast he was preparing.

I grabbed the first item I found in my pinky folder, so I could get this posted quickly and go appreciate all the special care he was giving me today.

I snapped this photo last October in a small town in northeast Oklahoma. The Old Salt was taking me on a trip down memory lane of his high school years. We traveled between Tulsa and Nowata getting off the beaten path to visit many small towns along the way. Frankly, I do not recall which town this very pink building was located. But, I do know that the town appeared to have passed its prime a long time ago and this was one of few buildings with a recent paint job.

I can just see the beauty shop scenes in the movie Steel Magnolia taking place in this colorful shop. While Steel Magnolia may not qualify as a holiday movie it does have a poignant scene that takes place at Christmas and is one of my favorite films.

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  1. Hope you're fully awake and feeling better now. Don would keep checking to see if I was breathing. He can't stand to see me sleep past 7 have a pink beauty shop here too that I thought of snapping a photo of. That would have been perfect for Steel Magnolia's.

  2. I suspect you're better rested than most of us :-). I hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoyed Pink Saturday. Blessings...Mary


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