Saturday, December 18, 2010

Pink Saturday --- Pink Bacon

Even though I live in a rural town it is not often you see a live hog on the street, much less twice in the same 24 hour period. A few weeks ago I was taking a short cut through one of the neighborhoods, just before dark, and noticed a pickup towing a trailer parked on the side of the street. Nothing odd about that, we have many citizens who haul lawn equipment and off road vehicles. But, this trailer held a large cage containing a live sow. Regrettably, I was on a quick errand and did not have my camera.

The next morning I stopped at Target and on my way into the store I noticed the familiar smell of a pig farm. I looked around the lot and quickly found the source of the odor. I made a beeline for my car to fetch my camera and snapped the following shots of the same hog I had seen the night before.

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  1. What a pretty, pink piggy and he'll make a lovely Pink Saturday entry.

  2. What a cute pig! I don't do pink saturday, but I bet this is a different sort of entry for it ;>)...

    Thanks for sharing! It's cool that you ran into him again --(never go out without your camera.)

  3. hahaha... such a cutie! Thanks for sharing and Merry Pinks to you and your family!


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