Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Things are a changing

Last night we drove over to my sisters house for our annual baking of the "Gum Drop Cakes." On the way I noticed a new star lighting the sky in the direction of the riverfront, so today we went out to discover the source. Turns out that the city had its first ever lighting of a town Christmas tree at the end of the Christmas parade last week. The tree stands in the small park on main street.

We missed attending the parade this year and I must have skipped reading the community newspaper that week as well. I was excited to see that the city fathers are recognizing the need to show how the town is growing. We have recently been upgraded to a class three city, so I guess I can no longer say that I live in a small rural town. I can't wait to make another trip down town after dark to see this tree all lit up.

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  1. It looks like they did a lovely job. Hendersonville really does the Main Street up proud. I might have to look and see if there are any pictures on line. Hugs.


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