Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday ----Our Santa

The wreath I am featuring for this weeks Mellow Yellow Monday is more red and Christmasy but does contain a few yellow flowers so I hope its okay to post for Mellow Yellow.

This is a very special wreath. It belonged to my father. He received it as a Christmas gift back in 1993. The wreath is quite large and hung in my parents great room. After his death my Mother gave the wreath to my sister who had a large two story foyer where she wanted to hang it.

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Dad worked as Santa on and off over most of my life to earn extra holiday money for his large family. After he retired he began doing as many Santa jobs as he could find because he enjoyed doing them. Not only was he good at it but he had the most realistic handmade costume available, thanks to the sewing skills of my sister. It wasn't long before he had a full schedule every year of repeat customers.

He had a contract to do the Santa breakfast at all the McDonalds Restaurants in the county. He made the rounds of all the Nursing Homes and also worked for a lady that rented out a horse drawn sleigh with Santa and one elf for private parties. He sat on the head float beside the major in our towns Christmas parade several times. And, he could be found at dozens of civic and religious Christmas events each year. He also collected Santa Clauses in many forms.

I was the one who designed this wreath and gave it to my father. I designed it to include each of the four seasons with a Santa appropriate for each time of year. You will see a fishing Santa and one all decked out for July 4th. among those on the wreath.

The brass plaque tells all who see the wreath that "Our Santa was a man for all Seasons."

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  1. Love the idea of a Santa for all seasons! And that wreath is wonderful representing a fascinating history!

  2. That is so precious and I'm sure it holds many wonderful memories of your father.

  3. Love the wreath...and the man whom it represents;)


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