Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Little Things that mean the most.

We got our first snow of the season this week. It started Saturday evening and continued for most of Sunday. You would think from that last sentence we got a blizzard like the one that hit Minneapolis but that is not the case. It started with huge flakes that turned into salt size by morning. It was a very dry snow and we were having horrible winds at the same time, so, most of the snow just blew around. The official measurement posted was .25 or one fourth of an inch. I find that hard to believe because we had a three foot drift blocking our patio gate. Of course, our patio is on the north side of our house and the wind was right out of the North.

Regardless, what little there was will be here for a while thanks to the arctic temperatures. Our only worry about pursuing our past-time of driving the back-roads whenever possible is missing the icy patches that could put us in a ditch.

You never know what you will see when driving off the main roads. Yesterday, was no exception. After making a trip to the next town over we got off the main route and before long I saw this small Christmas tree standing out against the snow. When we got closer I realized someone had used it to decorate their mailbox and assumed it would be one of those all weather tinsel type trees. Boy, was I wrong.

Once I was up close I realized this little gem was a hand crocheted work of art with sequins for ornaments. Just one of the small delights to be found on a snowy drive in the country.

In fact, I found this small Chrismas touch much more heart warming than all the overly decorated big houses that shared that stretch of country road.

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  1. That is so sweet and a great photo this time of year.


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